Monday, January 29

Potentially costly pic of Obama posing with leader of Nation of Islam in 2005 finally surfaces

Wanna see yet another example of what a total snake and liar and con-artist the Democrats forced on us for 8 long years? Check this pic:

That's obviously the socialist Muslim former emperor of the U.S., courtesy of a lying press flying top-cover for his shady, crappy record; and dumb-ass Democrats who bought the bullshit about this guy being the smartest, most dreamy candidate evah!

But who are those folks with Barky?  Why that would be the founder and head of the black-supremacist, Jew-hating group called the Nation of Islam.

And why was he posing with 'em?  Turns out they posed together after meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus way back in 2005.  But of course you never saw this pic before--because after it was taken a CBC staffer called the photographer and demanded that he give them the pic.

Gosh, why would he demand that--unless there was something toxic about the pic?

Ah, bingo.  Someone on the CBC staff realized that the pic knew about Obozo's political plans, and the if the pic got out it would very likely cost Obama votes.

Since for each of the previous ten years Obama had signed off on his biographical summary with his publisher claiming to have been born in Kenya, this might cost him the election.  So the pic had to vanish.  And photographer Askia Muhammad quickly agreed.

There is SO much about Obama that was kept hidden from voters to get him elected.  That should tell you something.


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