Saturday, January 27

Not safe for work pics from Women's March in D.C.

The pics below are from the recent Women's March--actually an anti-Trump hate-fest--in DC.  Caution:  Not safe for anyone offended by bad language.!

Oh, you're surprised at how "bad language" could be a problem in photos?  Clearly you haven't seen the true side of the crazy-angry Left.

Okay, the first one's fine.  I put it here to keep the bad ones from popping up unless you scroll.

Now this is kinda surprising: one seemingly-normal girl who seems to maybe for Trump! Amazing.

Oh, now I see.  How...charmless.  But then, who expected charm from the Left?  They're all about being as offensive as possible.  In your face.  "Screw your bourgeois, middle-class, religious, homophobic, Islamophobic "values," you deplorables!  Yeah, dat's da ticket!  Hilliary and open borders forever.  Oh, and free college.  Free housing.  Government-guaranteed six-figure jobs for women's-studies and revolution-theology and Critical Race Theory majors!  Right on, comrade!


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