Monday, January 29

NYU snowflakes say Trump's State of the Union speech was AWFUL -- before he made it

How well have the cunning, evil Leftists infesting the Lying Mainstream media and universities done their job of turning young people into mindless Trump-hating robots?  Check this out:

A week ago Campus Reform sent an undercover reporter to NYU--one of the many communist s***hole universities on both coasts--to ask college students--who you'd think might be at least marginally aware of what's happening--what they thought of President Trump's State of the Union speech.

As you just saw, this was a week ago.  The speech hadn't been given yet, seeing as how it's on for tomorrow night. 

But no problem for the sharp "minds" (to be generous) at the s***hole NYU:  They hated it!  Just awful!

Some quotes from interviewed students:
"Quite racist, at the very least, if not, up there with most racist," said one female NYU student--about a speech that hadn't yet been made.
"Very offensive," said another female student, describing Trump's nonexistent SOTU remarks on immigration. "It's something that I wouldn't have expected to happen in, like, our lifetime."  She added, "I believe when I'm hearing about his rough nature and the hate that he probably said."  (And yes, it doesn't make sense.)
"It's offensive," said another young lady. "But I'm not shocked by it."
The same student was asked to pick out one thing from the speech people are most upset about. "Probably immigration going on, with the whole DACA thing and him trying to build a wall," she answered.
And the best part was when the Campus Reform reporter asked one student if just maybe people are not actually listening to what Trump is saying but just want to "shut it down because it's Trump saying it?"
"I don't' think so," she said. "I think there are enough progressive and intellectual people who really analyze what he's saying."
Ah yes, it's impressive to hear an NYU student being proud of all those "progressives" and "intellectuals" who were able to "really analyze"--and immediately condemn as "racist," offensive and hateful--a speech that hadn't been made yet.

Good job, Leftists!  Watch the fun below:


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