Friday, January 12

How was the DNC able to "rebuff" the FBI's "request" to examine their server?

From the propagandists at CNN:
"The Democratic National Committee rebuffed a request from the FBI to examine its computer services after it was allegedly hacked by Russia during the 2016 election, a senior law enforcement official told CNN Thursday."
Let me get this straight:  The DNC claimed the Russians hacked their email server, and immediately began spinning the story into "The Russians did it to 'influence the election"--implying that the Russians wanted to help Trump become president.

If true, this would be a national security issue of the first magnitude.  An honest FBI couldn't possibly ignore such an incendiary charge, but would have swooped down on DNC headquarters and seized their f'n server to find out how it was done, what tools the alleged hackers used to breach the Dems security and "influence" the election.  But instead, as the skilled wordsmiths at CNN artfully put it, the DNC simply "rebuffed a request from the FBI" to let their computer experts examine the supposedly-hacked server.

And keep in mind that the allegedly-Russian-hacked server is the main basis for the "collusion" claim.

Ask yourself this:  If the Russians had really hacked the DNC server, as the Democrats have shriekingly been claiming for the last 18 months, how in the world could the DNC have "rebuffed" the FBI "request"?  An honest FBI (yeah, I know) wouldn't have simply asked to examine the allegedly-hacked server--which was the Dems' supposed evidence that the Russians had tried to throw the election to Trump.

The obvious answer is that the FBI didn't want to examine the server--because they knew the "hacked by the Russians" story was false. 

How?  Because they'd been working with and for the Clinton campaign since before she announced that she was running.  And the DNC was totally run by Hilliary.

The NSA--also working to elect Hilliary--would have been able to determine in a matter of minutes that no files totalling the size of the download had been transmitted over the net.  Several hundred gigabytes were in fact downloaded from the DNC server, but to a local usb storage device--a "thumb drive"--not transmitted over the Net. 

The FBI's apparent lack of interest in examining the server only makes sense if they already knew the answer.


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