Saturday, January 13

U.S. facing a far bigger crisis than government shutdown next Friday night

Students who've been enjoying the break between semesters may not know that in just six days the nation will reach a watershed, the outcome of which is likely to change the course of history, by permanently changing the nature of the United States.

Specifically, for roughly the last year the federal government has been running on a "continuing resolution," in which everything is funded at the previous year's level unless otherwise specified.  This gives the government the authority to borrow money (by selling T-bills) to keep things running.

This authority expires next Friday at midnight.  If congress doesn't pass another CR by then, the government theoretically has to shut down--though in reality only "non-essential" services are stopped.

When this happened under the reign of emperor Obama, the lousy son of a bitch communist Muslim motherf***er ordered park service employees to put barricades around totally outdoor monuments in DC--like the WW2 memorial--and to bar veterans and other visitors from crossing the line--even though the monument in question is totally outdoors and has no moving parts or secret passages or electricity that could be messed with.  He was determined to punish veterans and tourists, showing 'em not to mess with his magnificence.  Period.

Uh-huh.  Just another example of the anti-American asshole's disastrous reign.

But I digress.

You'd think passing a resolution to keep the government running would be pretty damn straightforward, eh?  But there's a big problem, called DACA.  That was emperor Obama's unconstitutional executive order giving young aliens who entered the U.S. illegally permission to stay here forever. 

Unconstitutional as hell, but no one had the balls to impeach the son of a bitch.

Trump promised to end this de-facto amnesty-by-decree by Obama.  But every f'n Democrat congresswhore wants all 800,000 of the DACA people (the Dems keep calling them "kids" for emotional effect; they're way older than kids, but the Media never points that out) to be given citizenship, and then to be allowed to bring in all their relatives--a sweet deal for the Dems called "chain migration."

The Dems want this because they see it as an instant path to winning control of both congress and the presidency for the next century, since they know 99% of illegal immigrants will vote Democrat.

They're counting on winning this so much that former Hilliary staffer Jen Palmieri recently wrote a paper laying this out for party bigwigs.  They want this to happen.

But since Republicans have a majority of seats in the House, it's virtually impossible for them to pull off citizenship for the illegals on a straight-up vote.  Which brings us to the crisis:

Passing a resolution to keep the government running requires a majority of both chambers.  Not a problem in the House.  But in the senate, a handful of RINOs say they support legalization of the illegal DACA aliens.  And at last look the Repubs had a one-vote majority in the senate.

Now you can see how the problem is shaping up:  Assuming all Democrat senators vote the way their party demands, then to keep the government from shutting down Repubs can't stand any defections.  So if one or two RINOs vote with the Dems against a continuing resolution, it forces the government to shut down.

Right now you're probably wondering why any Republican would threaten to vote against a bill that, if not passed, triggers a government shutdown. 

The answer is to extort Trump to surrender on his promises to end DACA, end chain migration and build the border wall--all items strongly supported by Republicans in the last election.

This is a no-lose proposition for the Democrats, and they damn sure know it.  Because if senators McCain, Flake or Graham--all of whom have said they strongly support citizenship for the illegals--say they'll only vote to keep the government operating if Trump promises to surrender on the 3 key promises just mentioned, then Trump only has two choices:  Agree, or veto the CR.

If he agrees, Republicans will lose their majority in both houses this fall.  If he vetoes the CR, Dems and their allies in the Lying Mainstream Media will blame Trump for the ensuing government shutdown.  Which immediately wipes all the fabulous news about the economy off the headlines--and makes it likely that he won't be re-elected, and that Repubs will lose their majority in both branches of congress.

Now:  This analysis isn't esoteric, mysterious, DC-insider stuff.  It's basic politics, easy to deduce.  So surely someone on Trump's team has already seen this one coming.  And hopefully they've figured out how to get around it.  Cuz I don't see how the Repubs can avoid making one of two bad choices.

The time to have blown up this trap was when the emperor violated the Constitution by unilaterally ordering federal employees not to enforce valid U.S. immigration law.  The Repubs should have taken this to the supreme court right away instead of letting it waste years in the lower courts.

So Obama's illegal act, in concert with the failure of a RINO-led congress to stand up to the Dems and pass budgets as they should have, rather than caving in and passing continuing resolutions, has set this one.

Good luck.


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