Saturday, December 16

Leftist editor tweets "All I want for Christmas is full communism"

Kelly Oakes is a lunatic working for the left-wing website BuzzFeedUK.  So as you would expect, Kelly hates capitalism, freedom (for anyone other than herself), Christianity, heterosexuals, cisgenders, conservatives and Trump supporters.

With that said, one might wonder what such a person is FOR.  And here's the answer:

Of course no rational person can believe anyone could be so astonishingly stupid as to want "full communism."  (Apparently "moderate communism" wasn't totalitarian enough for Ms Oakes.)  Liberals might even think Oakes was being facetious.

Except after her tweet above went viral, she locked her twitter account--which suggests she was completely serious.

Okay, that's all just preamble.  The kicker is that the position young Kelly "All I want for Christmas is full communism" Oakes holds for BuzzFeedUK is...brace yourself... "science editor."

Buzzfeed--like many lefty sites--wails about how CO2 is totally destroying the planet by heating it to dangerous levels--despite proof that all the governments have been altering the historic, actual recorded temperatures for years to make people think the planet is warming.

Buzzfeed and other lefty sites deny that governments either have altered or would alter actual, real, recorded temperature records.  They also deny that CO2 levels were ten times higher than today a couple of million years ago, without any significant warming...since that would vitiate the whole theory.

They also deny that Antarctic ice cores sampling layers half a million years old have proven that temperatures do NOT trail CO2 increases, but lead them--meaning CO2 can't be causing any global that may be occurring in any case.

Now, I totally admit that Kelly Oakes is an idiot--a pimple on the ass of bottom-feeders, as thoroughly shown by the content of her deleted tweet.  My point is that you can't trust leftists to tell you the truth about anything.  Even if they hold the grandiose title of "science editor."


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