Thursday, December 7

A modest resolution to reduce murders of Israeli civilians by palestinians

Under the regime of your former emperor (for new readers that would be the ghastly Obama) the U.S. sent billions of taxpayer dollars to the "Palestinian Authority," supposedly as aid to the supposedly-oppressed palestinians.

He did this despite the fact that the Pali leadership makes monthly payments to families of Palistinian suicide bombers, and those who cross into Israel and kill Israeli citizens.  This practice struck most members of congress as terrible, since it logically gave fanatics a big incentive to kill Israelis.  So congress passed a resolution barring his regime from giving money to the Palis unless they stopped doing that.

But Obozo defied the resolution, and had his corrupt State Dept, under John F'n Kerry, give the Palis another half-Billion bucks, courtesy of American taxpayers. 

Sweet deal for the Pali's, eh?  Not so sweet for Americans.  But hey, can't blame Obozo for wanting to take care of his people, right?

Well Tuesday the House overwhelmingly approved legislation that would cut off U.S. taxpayer aid to the de facto Palestinian government if it continues to aid terrorists.

With unanimous consent, the swift passage of the Taylor Force Act brings the United States one step closer to stripping American funding from the Palestinian Authority until it ends its "pay to slay" policy, which distributes $300 million to terrorists and their families annually. The legislation now heads to the senate for a vote.

Watch for Democrat senators to scream in outrage, because...well, Leftists.  Watch for them to denounce Republicans, and threaten Trump if he signs the bill into law.


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