Saturday, December 16

University adminishits at Iowa kick Christian student organization off campus, cuz...

On a grand scale the story below isn't that big a deal.  I've written about it because it shows how utterly, totally treacherous and sinister university shit-head administrators are.  They're leftists from top to bottom, and they hate Christianity and conservatives.

This is true of all state and so-called elite private universities.  All of them.  Even--f'r cryin' out loud--Iowa, where a small Christian student organization ran afoul of the adminishits for wanting its own leaders to believe in...Christianity.

The tolerant, supposedly diversity-loving adminishits weren't about to allow this, but they weren't sure how to go about booting the group off campus.  So on Sept 1 the university told the group the adminishits would magnanimously allow the group to select leaders who "affirmed its beliefs"-- so long as those beliefs were clearly stated in writing so all students would be aware of them.

Step 2: The Christian group added a statement of its religious beliefs to its campus webpage.

Now, if you can predict what happened next, you win a prize for being alive:  Yep, shortly before Thanksgiving university adminishits responded by kicking the group off campus.

Wow, who could have predicted that, eh?

So according to the perverse policies of the administrators a Christian group can't require that anyone wanting to run for its leadership must believe in Christianity.  But is there anyone in the country who thinks these same adminishits would kick a Muslim group off campus for requiring that its leaders be practicing Muslims?

Of course not.  This is a classic double-standard, normal operating procedure for left-wing university adminishits and gruberment bureaucrats everywhere. noted at the beginning, on the grand scale this isn't a big deal.  What it tells those who are awake is that university officials can be counted on to be both hypocritical and anti-Christian.  And lying, treacherous rat-bastards.  Because even if they lose the lawsuit (which was filed pretty quickly), they're never held personally liable.  So, neener neener neener.


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