Friday, December 15

New testimony that corruption wasn't just FBI but all the way to deputy assistant AG under Obozo

Most Americans have heard at least a bit about a thing the press calls the "Trump dossier."  And if you rely on the Lying Media for your news, all you know about it is that it was a compilation of some behavior allegedly committed by the awful, awful candidate Trump during a trip to Moscow.

The author was a former intel agent--long retired--for Britain named Chris Steele.

Relatively few people know that the dossier was commissioned by a Democrat "opposition-research" firm called FusionGPS, working for Hilliary.  That is, it was a hit-job.  But fair enough:  as someone said, politics ain't beanbag, and it's reasonable for a candidate to make public every bit of negative info on an opponent.

But even fewer know that top officials of the Obama "just-us" department conspired to get taxpayers to pay for the thing.

At this point Democrats are "What's wrong with that?  If the government has damaging information on a Republican, what's wrong with them letting everyone know about it?"

They spout this because they cannot imagine the roles being reversed--the shoe being on the other foot.  So they pretend to see nothing wrong with Obama's justice department approving the FBI paying a reported $150,000 of your tax dollars for the unverified hit-job.  That is, the decision to have the FBI pay for the "dossier"--during the campaign--extended into the highest levels of the Obama Justice Department.

Naturally you think this is bullshit--tinfoil-hat stuff.  Most of you literally cannot believe an iconic Democrat president would allow the massive resources of the nation's top domestic investigatory agency to be used to influence a presidential election.  But it's now officially known: congressional investigators have testimony that the "Associate Deputy Attorney general" of the U.S. at the time--a corruptocrat by the name of Bruce Ohr--conspired with his wife and FusionGPS to have the FBI pay for the hit-job--during the campaign.

Ohr was the assistant to deputy attorney general, Sally Yates, who ran the day-to-day operations of the ludicrously-misnamed "Justice Department" under the thoroughly corrupt Loretta Lynch.

Congressional investigators recently discovered that FusionGPS hired Ohr's wife, Nellie, to work on the project, and that Ohr knew Steele and had repeated contacts with Steele when Steele was working on the dossier. 

The discovery stunned some of the investigators.  They knew that some high-level officials of the FBI knew about the skanky origin of the dossier extended to some officials in the FBI, but learning that the FBI would pay for the Democrat candidate's sleazy operation during the campaign represented a new level of corrution.  But this new info showed that not only was the FBI corrupt, but that wife of the deputy assistant AG of Obama's Justice Department was working on the dossier project.

You might think that with a Republican president, all the government employees would now be coming clean about the corruption under Obozo.  Hahahahaha!  In reality the bastards of the Deep State--Obozo holdovers--are digging in even deeper.  The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee,  Devin Nunes, was understandably angry that the Justice Department had concealed such an obviously crucial piece of information about the investigation for months.

Ohr's contacts with Steele and Simpson were covered by a subpoena Nunes issued to the FBI and the Justice Department clear back on August 24. Yet as recently as Tuesday, when Nunes and House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., met with deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, the department hadn't said a word about Ohr's role.

Nunes say his committee will subpoena Bruce Ohr to testify on who in the DOJ he consulted with about his wife's job with FusionGPS, and whether he urged the DOJ or FBI to pay for the dossier.

So...holdovers are deliberately keeping mum about the corruption--because they don't want Americans to know about the extent of corruption under the Democrat party--and because each of them is guilty of taking part. 

If these people were innocent they'd 'fess up in hopes of keeping their jobs.  The fact that they're continuing to cover-up tells you everything you need to know.  They are fully convinced they won't be punished for the continued stonewall.

This nation is doomed.  Because of Democrats.  And frankly, if Repubs don't root 'em all out, maybe the nation deserves to vanish.


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