Friday, December 15

Examiner for the CPFB claims superiors ordered her to falsify reports to squeeze $$ from company

Cassandra Jackson was an "examiner" for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  She was tasked by agency supervisors to "examine" a payday lending company.  She did, and concluded the company was complying with all federal regulations.

Evidently this wasn't what her superiors in the corrupt, Democrat-slush-fund-generating agency wanted to hear, because they ordered her to "change, remove, and otherwise falsify documents connected with this examination," according to a letter Jackson wrote to the Justice Department last week.

Jackson said she was asked to remove evidence proving that the company was complying with CFPB rules, and instead to write a report including findings she knew to be "false and fabricated."

Jackson refused to do that, and said she was retaliated against for not falsifying the report. Managers then "proceeded to modify the report" and used it to intimidate the company into agreeing to a $10 million settlement.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was established in 2011 by a Democrat-controlled congress, with a bill signed into law by Obama.  It duplicates the work of existing federal financial regulatory agencies, so why set up yet another agency?  Turns out the CPFB, like the EPA and several other agencies, had a practice of "allowing" companies to pay lower fines if they'd agree to pay a few million to left-wing organizations, which would then contribute to campaign funds of Dem politicians.

Clever, eh?  Also totally corrupt.  But hey, technically the agencies weren't breaking any specific law, so that makes it totally okay--at least to Democrats.

Imagine the screams of outrage from the WaPo and the NYT if the Republicans had done exactly the same thing.  But because Dems were the creators and beneficiaries, not a peep of criticism.

But hey, not a scintilla of bias in the Lying Mainstream Media, eh?


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