Friday, December 15

Lying Media claim repeal of "net neutrality" policy will cause end the world as we know it

Ever heard of a policy called  "net-neutrality"?

It was a policy adopted by the notoriously political Federal Communications Commission when that agency was controlled by Democrats under the reign of Obama.  The policy was ostensibly set up to prevent internet service companies from blocking or "throttling" (slowing) content they didn't like.  And that sounds fairly reasonable to most people.

The policy also explicitly banned broadband companies from offering higher-cost services for higher bandwith--so-called internet "fast lanes." 

Of course a side-effect of this policy was that every new technology or service or change proposed by an internet provider would have had to be approved by the FCC, lest it violate "fairness"--whatever the hell the Democrats decided that meant.

Is that a problem?  Well, consider that since the internet began, private enterprise has done a fabulous job of providing services to people.  Consumers could choose from a wide variety of connection speeds.  Is that bad?  Why would any rational person think that suddenly every proposed new change needed to be reviewed and approved by a government agency?

Wouldn't that clearly, obviously slow down the rate at which beneficial innovations were introduced?  Wouldn't it result in companies offering corrupt regulators bribes--perhaps disguised as "contributions" to left-wing organizations--to either approve a company's proposal or reject a proposal by a competitor?

Of course.  So why not let the marketplace--Adam Smith's "invisible hand"--sort things out?

Ah, I see you just arrived on the planet, citizen!  Let me show ya:  Democrats have been playing the "poor" against the well-off for, oh, a century or so.  It wins them elections, so naturally they love it.  In this case they saw a chance to frame this issue as "protecting the powerless." 

You might well wonder how forcing every service provider to beg for government approval for every proposed change would accomplish that.  We're not sure, but since it's certainly possible that without a government agency controlling things, some internet service provider might do something awful, like offering consumers higher connection speeds at a higher price, we simply MUST have a government agency regulating every proposed change to internet service.

Totalitarians, leftists and Democrats think the solution for everything is to have it regulated by a government agency.  Tell them their agency will actually slow down innovation, and act as a source of bribes to the ruling party, and they hotly deny it.  Show 'em examples and they simply shrug:  It's a small price to pay for protecting the poor against eeeebil corporations!

Yesterday the FCC voted 3-2 to scrap "net neutrality" and return to those scary times when the internet was unregulated.

OMG!  Democrat-controlled media howled in outrage!  The notoriously communist, Trump-hating CNN ran the headline "The end of the internet as we know it."  The (ACLU) called the change a "radical departure that risks erosion speech."  (Amazing: erosion of free speech?  Where the hell did they come up with that?)

Thirty-nine Democrat U.S. senators immediately signed a letter protesting the new rules.

Hilliary Clinton's pick for v.p., Tim Kaine, tweeted "Horrible step backwards for a free and open internet."  (link here)   Bernie Sanders tweeted "This is the end of the internet as we know it.  We must fight back."

The new darling of the Democrats, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) tweeted "This is an outrageous assault on a fair and open internet.  Mark my words, this decision will not last!  We will reverse it..."

Moments after the FCC passed the motion, Democrats in several states announced they would challenge the decision.  State lawmakers from the socialist states of California and Washington pledged to propose net neutrality-style laws for their own states.

The attorney-general of the socialist state of New York vowed to sue to block the change.  He also wrote an open letter to the FCC signed by attorneys general from 18 Dem-controlled states, and it’s fairly safe to assume that many of those states will sign on to his lawsuit against the FCC.

The Dem governor of Washington announced that his state would be looking into regulations to "protect consumers" in that state. hear the Democrats tell it, repeal of the Obozo-mandated policy is just awful, terrible!  Far bettah to have a gruberment agency running everything, eh citizen?


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