Thursday, August 10

MSNBC commenter claims if president ordered strike on Norks, SecDef wouldn't obey that order

I'm starting to think liberals are trying to get lots of Americans killed.  Let me explain:

Everyone knows war is a bad thing.  So one of the basic principles of military strategy is to keep an enemy from deciding to attack you.  Duh.

So far, very basic, very obvious, right?

The only way anyone has discovered to "deter" an enemy from launching an attack is by having such a strong military--and the will to use it--that a would-be attacker knows that if they attacked you, their entire nation would be doomed in days or weeks.

Any disagreement so far?  Good.

For would-be attackers to believe this, they must be totally, firmly convinced that if they attack, it will trigger massive, totally lethal retaliation.  This is the heart of the concept of "deterrence," and it's far, far better than retaliating after you're attacked, eh? 

Still very basic, very obvious, right?  And you'd think every American--libs as well as conservatives-- would agree on that, right?

Now:  What kind of effect do you think it has on deterrence if a TV network known to support Democrats and liberals says
If Trump orders a strike on North Korea, we believe the secretary of defense will refuse to obey that order.
You probably think I'm making this up.  It's so outrageous, so stupid, that it couldn't have happened.  No rational person could possibly fail to realize that the statement in red above would encourage the Norks to believe that if they fired a missile at the U.S, the SecDef would ignore an order to retaliate. 

So take a look at the video below.  This should make your blood boil.  These dumb bastards have no concept of how much their idle bullshit has encouraged the Norks.

If the Norks strike the U.S., remember that MSNBC encouraged them to believe our military wouldn't strike back--because according to MSNBC our secretary of defense would refuse the president's order to do so.

Unbelievable.  Except there it is on video.

C'mon, you liberal idiots:  Show the rest of us why you believe this comment by MSNBC didn't encourage a Nork attack.

Take all the time you like.  We'll wait.


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