Wednesday, August 9

Here's how Trump can turn the North Korean situation to his advantage; and it's...clever

Some drone in the bowels of the Deep State recently told Americans that North Korea has succeeded in developing an atomic bomb small enough to fit on their long-range missiles. 

And now the Norks' crazy dictator has threatened to strike the U.S..

This represents the perfect scenario for the Left and the Lying Mainstream Media, because at this point there are no good options remaining for the U.S. and President Trump.  Either we do nothing, and accept the Norks as a nuclear power, or we do the unthinkable and strike first.

No matter what Trump does, the Left and the LMM will roast him.  They must be beside themselves with glee.

The Norks have been working on an atom bomb since Clinton was president.  Clinton had a chance to stop that development when the North suffered a huge famine when he was president.  The Nork government desperately needed food and heating oil.  Clinton could have made a deal to give 'em what they needed in exchange for their pledge to stop working on the bomb--with totally open inspections to ensure compliance.

But being a Democrat, he gave them the food and oil they desperately needed, but without insisting on open inspections.  And now, 20-some years later, the Norks have both missiles and atomic bombs.  But of course the LMM blames TRUMP for the situation Clinton could have prevented back in 1996.

So here's the solution for Trump:  With all polls showing the public is very concerned about the situation, Trump should tell the LMM he'll tell the American public how he plans to handle this crisis via a broadcast from the oval office.  Given the fact that the media believe Trump is screwed no matter what he does, every media outlet will cover it, to watch Trump hang himself.

Here's what Trump should say:
"Way back when Ronald Reagan was president, military analysts realized it was possible to build a defense against a missile launched toward the U.S.  Of course the Left and their media allies quickly realized this would make the U.S. less vulnerable to threats from nations that had missiles, so they immediately began a program to prevent the U.S. from developing such a system.  They derisively called it "Star Wars."

"They claimed a missile defense system couldn't possibly work.  One of the reasons they claimed was that such a system would need 'a million lines of computer code' to work--something the Left claimed was simply too huge to possibly work!

"Have any of you looked at the file size of, say, Internet Explorer?  Let alone Windows 10.  Those programs have 300 million bytes--orders of magnitude more than a million lines of code.  Bill Gates' company seems to think those programs work pretty well--although many users would probably argue about that.

"Well...the Democrats and their media allies succeeded in convincing congress to delay starting research and development of a missile defense system for years.  Then after development produced a workable system, the Democrats succeeded in getting congress to refuse to fund production of that system.  Congress preferred to spend that money to increase welfare payments instead.

"So here's where we are today:  Our military could easily destroy North Korea's ability to launch a nuclear strike against the U.S.  But if I were to order that strike, Democrats would scream bloody murder.  So since the Demcrats are smarter than anyone in our military, I'll defer to their judgment on this--at least for now.  That leaves as the only remaining outcome accepting that North Korea can launch a nuclear missile on the U.S. west coast any time they want.

"If the Democrats hadn't blocked development of a missile defense system for years, and then blocked funding to produce it, we would have had a system in place today to destroy any missile launched by a crazy dictator.  Instead our friends on the Democrat side of the aisle have seen to it that we don't have a full-scale missile defense. 

We do have a few dozen anti-missile missiles in Alaska.  I asked our defense chiefs to tell me where to best locate those missiles to protect Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  They told me.  But then the EPA told me we'd have to complete an environmental impact study before any missiles could be moved south.  They said that study would take at least 18 months to complete.

Then my political team advised me that regardless of the outcome of that study, the Democrats who control Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles would object to stationing a missile-defense system near their cities.  They advised me that the Democrats could use the courts to block this move for 8 more years, just as they blocked the Keystone Pipeline for a decade.

So today I have reluctantly concluded that it's pointless to ask congress to appropriate funds to move half of our missile-defense missiles down near Seattle, Portland, San Francisco or Los Angeles.  The Democrat leaders of those cities, and their constituents living in and around them, don't think Kim poses any threat, so they don't believe we should take any action to remove his ability to hit any of those cities with an atomic bomb.

According to Democrats the best course of action is simply to trust that other countries won't strike first.  I think this is naive and foolish, but my advisors tell me that because the mainstream media supports every Democrat position, it's a waste of time and money to challenge their position on this matter.

Accordingly, I have reluctantly acceded to their superior wisdom and have decided to do what Democratic leaders and their followers have made clear that they want.  Thus the U.S. response to whatever is going on in North Korea will be simply to ensure that our military is fully prepared to counterattack, period.  The Democrats have assured us this is the best course, and have made any other course of action impossible.

If this decision makes any of you uneasy, please feel free to contact your local Democrat politicians and let them know how you feel. 

Good night.  I would like to add "and may God continue to bless America" but the ACLU has succeeded in getting the courts to ban any mention of God by any government official, in the erroneous belief that the Constitution demands total separation of church and state.  I happen to have read the Constitution, and my copy says nothing about that. 
So good night, and may God continue to bless America.


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