Wednesday, August 9

Difference in search term completions between Google and Bing is...interesting

Everyone uses search engines, and you know when you start typing a search term the site pops up the most popular completions of what you've typed.  The only basis they have for this is what other users have searched for.  So again, in theory you're seeing what the full phrase that most people before you have typed.

Well...a commenter on another site used Bing to search the term "Hillary Clinton cr..."  Here's what that displayed:

Then he used the exact same search phrase with the totally-corrupt Google engine.  Here's what Google displayed:
  creme brule

Interesting.  Only one hit in common between the two.  And the completions returned by Bing are far less flattering to Hilliary.

One possible explanation is that far more conservatives use Bing than Google.  But a more likely explanation is that Google removes previous searches unflattering to Hilliary or the Democrats.

Wait, would they really do that?  I mean, next thing you know they'll start firing people for claiming PART of the disparity between the number of men vs. women in tech industries is due to biology rather than discrimination against women.  And that would just be ridiculously over the top.


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