Tuesday, August 8

Dem-controlled Philly city council imposed 75% tax on soft drinks. How's that working?

A 1.5 cent per ounce tax on all soft drinks--imposed by the charmingly moronic Democrats who control Philadelphia--is having exactly the effect you'd expect.

Well, unless you're a liberal, anyway.

"Wait," I hear liberals and Democrats snap, "You're just a hater!  The city council only did this cuz they're so amazingly concerned about how over-consumption of sugar in low-income communities is leading to diabetes!"

Proving once again that a little knowledge--gained from propaganda websites--is a dangerous thing. Cuz the council imposed the tax on diet soda too.  And also on fruit drinks.  Seems to me this shows their motivation was...raising tax revenue.  (Like that wasn't already obvious.)

Just so we're clear here:  Where I live, you can buy a 2-liter bottle of pop for about a buck.  Quick,
Democrats, how many ounces in two liters? 

Take your time.  I'll wait.

That's long enough.  The answer is 67.6 ounces.  But of course you knew that.

Means the tax on that 2-liter bottle of pop is 68 cents.  If you convert that to a percentage, it's a 68 percent tax rate!  Not including city and sales tax (and without even checking I'll bet that total is about 7 percent).

Meaning soft drinks are taxed at a rate of 75 percent!

Now, I don't live in that Democrat-controlled cesspool called Philly, and you likely don't either.  And I don't drink soda.  So this is all academic to me.  But what it shows is...

Oh wait, now I see why they did it:  They sold the tax by pledging that the revenue would be used to fund "pre-kindergarten education."  Ah.

This, of course, is a cleverly-camouflaged term for FREE DAYCARE!  Well, free if you make less than some number again specified by the Democrat council.  So you can bet that their base was all for the tax.

Oooh, wait again:  Turns out only half the tax revenue went to "pre-kindergarten education."  The rest was spent on other stuff the city likes.  But hey, no harm, no foul--cuz Democrats.  And you know damn good and well that if a Republican city council tried this crap the media would denounce them as corruptocrats until they were all thrown out of office.

But the tax is having one effect:  Sales of soft drinks have plummeted.  So there's that.

Proving once again that if you tax something, you get less of it.

Oh, and that idiots will be idiots.


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