Monday, August 7

More on new National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster's leftist connections

The more history I get on the president's recently-appointed National Security Advisor, the more red flags go up.  This guy is bad, bad, bad.  As in, Ben-Rhodes bad.  For background click here, and here.

New today:  The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) describes itself as a “world-leading authority on global security, political risk and military conflict.”  And for over ten years, McMaster was listed on their website as a "senior consulting fellow"--while he was an active-duty Army officer.

His service with IISS is a red flag because IISS gets the vast majority of its funding from left-wing sources.

Liberals don't see anything significant in this, because liberal groups routinely get funds from *nominally conservative* foundations, so they assume the same thing surely happens in reverse, with leftist outfits routinely giving money to conservative organizations.

But the Left never gives money to conservative activists.  The reason is that the overwhelming majority of foundations--and ALL leftist foundations--have long been controlled by leftists.  So if an activist group gets funding from left-wing organizations, it means the recipient outfit supports the goals of the Left, period. 

One of the funders of IISS is Ploughshares Fund, a leftist outfit dedicated to eliminating nuclear weapons.  (To see how goofy these people are, click to read their annual report.) [pdf]

The board of Ploughshares was absolutely giddy about the "nuclear deal" the Obama administration made with the mad mullahs of Iran.  This was the infamous agreement under which Iran supposedly agreed not to develop nuclear weapons for ten years--in return for which Obama released over $100 Billion in frozen Iranian funds in western banks.

Here's what the chair of Ploughshares had to say about the Iran "deal:"
We’re making history. Those are the first words that came to mind in September when I learned that the Iran nuclear agreement survived a tough congressional review. It is especially symbolic that this heroic feat of diplomacy and victory for global security came into being exactly 70 years after the Trinity Test, the world’s first atomic explosion in the deserts of New Mexico....

This landmark agreement that makes us all safer by blocking every one of Iran’s pathways to building a bomb, was driven by the fearless leadership of the Obama Administration and supporters in Congress like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Importantly, the birth of the agreement was a truly collaborative effort, carefully negotiated alongside five other world powers, including our top European allies.

Less known is the absolutely critical role that civil society [leftist propaganda outfits fed talking points by Ben Rhodes et al] played in tipping the scales towards this extraordinary policy victory.  Thanks to you, our supporters, Ploughshares Fund has been the ‘hub’—as the New York Times wrote—of this civil society campaign promoting a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear weapons threat.
Wow!  According to this moonbat, the "nuclear deal" is the greatest thing evah!  Even better than Neville Chamberlain coming back from his meeting with Hitler proclaiming "I have achieved peace in our time!"

Problem is, this faaaabulous agreement that the goofy leftists so love has no provisions for the U.S. to inspect Iranian nuclear facilities to ensure they're complying.  And even the one provision for inspections, by the notoriously politicized International Atomic Energy Agency, requires 28 days advance notice, which would be more than enough time to remove any evidence.

So the "agreement" is a joke.  The mullahs have even bragged on Iranian national television that they hoodwinked the U.S. and intend to proceed at max speed toward development of the bomb.

So...the thoroughly leftist Ploughshares donates to IISS, which loooves the Iran "deal."

McMaster also loooves the Iran deal, and was a "senior consulting fellow" for IISS for TEN YEARS

Oh, and in case you don't think Ploughshares is a thoroughly left-wing outfit: One of the main donors to Ploughshares is the Open Society Foundation, controlled by George Soros.  Ever hears of Soros supporting a cause that wasn't leftist, and designed to cripple or destroy western civilization?


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