Tuesday, August 8

If the Norks ever threw a nuclear missile at us, how would the Left explain it?

If North Korea ever launched a nuclear-tipped missile at the U.S., and if by some miracle the warhead produced a visible nuclear explosion off the coast, I'm pretty sure the Left would be ready--ready to claim the blast was a "false-flag operation"--a U.S. bomb launched and detonated by our own military.

See, the Left can't allow Americans to believe that the Norks actually launched a nuclear missile at, say, Seattle or San Francisco--because if Americans learned that, the Dems would lose a couple of million votes instantly.  Cuz their entire position has been..."Can't happen.  Everything is the fault of the U.S. and Trump.  The leaders of other nations are no threat to us, but instead the threat is American power and crazy Rethuglicans like Trump!"

An atomic bomb detonating 100 miles north of San Francisco would make that bullshit a much harder sell.  So I suspect they'd go to any lengths to try to convince Americans that the detonation everyone saw was actually a U.S. warhead launched by us.

Sounds crazy, eh?  So crazy you think it couldn't possibly happen, right?

Ah, how quickly people forget!  Or if you're in college now, you never knew this, but...after the emotional shock of watching hijacked airliners being flown into the World Trade Center on 9/11, a few folks were so unhinged that they started pushing the theory that the WTC was NOT brought down by fanatical muslims flying comercial airliners filled with helpless passengers into the skyscrapers.  Instead they claimed the buildings were destroyed by explosive charges placed in the buildings by...the U.S. government!

Seriously.  Cuz they hated Bush, and preferred to think Bush--who they saw as dumb and controllable--did it instead of muslim fanatics (who they believed couldn't be defeated).

So don't be surprised if the Left has this bullshit story all ready to roll out if and when.


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