Tuesday, August 8

NYT claims a govt study on climate was "leaked" to 'em; Dems and moonbats go nuts, claim conspiracy

Liberals and moonbats are going bonkers this morning over piece in the NY Times on a government study on "climate change" (the phenomenon the Left formerly called "global warming" until that became too unbelievable).

The study itself isn't a big deal--claims everything is pretty much normal.  The dust-up is due to the fact that the Times story claimed the study was “leaked” to the paper.  The Times reported it was "leaked" because the authors were afraid that the Trump administration would suppress the findings.

Numerous people tweeted that this was utter crap, that the study was clearly available to anyone who wanted to read it.  But too late--the Democrats/liberals/moonbats/scientific illiterates had 'em a juicy ol' conspiracy they could use to bash Trump, so were determined to ride it as long as possible.

To see the exchanges on twitter, click here.  It's a hoot.


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