Thursday, August 10

FBI back to pre-dawn raids to seize evidence; why didn't they do this with Hilliary's server?

Today it was revealed that FBI agents conducted a pre-dawn raid on Trump aide Paul Manafort's home, taking hundreds of documents.

This is how the FBI always worked in the past:  If someone was suspected of a crime, the feds would try to convince a judge to issue a search warrant.  They didn't telegraph this to the press or to the target, for obvious reasons.

This is how the bureau should have--and in the past, always would have--handled Hilliary Clinton's secret, unsecured private email server.  As they did with Manafort, agents should have entered her New York home with a warrant to seize the server before she had time to ship it to the company she hired to erase the all the contents of that server.

So if this was how the bureau always did things in the past, and has gone back to that practice with Manafort, the huge, screamingly-obvious question is, why did the FBI do nothing of the sort in its so-called "investigation" of Hilliary?

It seems obvious that the answer is (drum roll)....there are two sets of laws, one for the elites, the other for ordinary citizens.

Now:  who was president when the FBI was supposedly "investigating" Hilliary?  That would be the emperor, B. Hussein Obama.  Ya think the emperor might have instructed the FBI to pussyfoot around with Hilliary, to avoid uncovering hard evidence of her 1) having beyond-Top-Secret cables on her private server; and 2) evidence that she and Obama conspired to concoct a lie about the attack on U.S. personnel at Benghazi? 

Of course Obama intervened--not that he needed to, since the FBI, like all federal agencies, is stuffed with corrupt Democrat officials willing to do anything to regain control of the White House and congress.


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