Monday, August 7

"We have to pass the bill to see what's in it"--Nancy Pelosi

If you're like most Americans--and get all your "news" from the Lying Mainstream Media--you almost certainly didn't see the infamous video clip of then-Speaker-of-the-House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, fielding questions from a group of totally Obama-loving reporters just before the ghastly disaster called Obamacare was rammed through congress (without a single Republican vote).

The bill had over 2000 pages, so some reporter half-seriously asked Pelosi if she'd read the whole bill and knew what it commanded.  Rather than admit she hadn't read it, Pelosi dodged by responding,
 "We have to pass the bill to see what's in it."
Do you think that's a reasonable answer, or does that make you angry?  Do you think that's how government--which was originally supposed to work for YOU rather than vice-versa--should work?

If you're a liberal Democrat, you think it's a reasonable thing to say.

If not:  Do you think the Democrats have suddenly repudiated that philosophy of governing?

Of course they haven't.  But they claim to have "a better deal."  And they're banking on the idea that you're dumb enough to trust them...again.  After all, look how well Obamacare was thought out.


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