Wednesday, July 26

Europe committing cultural and social suicide thru mass immigration; and it's gonna get worse

While Democrats and their allies in the lying U.S. mainstream media continue obsessing over claims that Trump's people "colluded" with Russia to steal the election from the faaabulous Hilliary, Europe continues to commit suicide, thanks to clueless, treasonous heads of state (supported by their political parties).

What's happening in Europe will ultimately prove far more destructive than both World Wars combined.  Because of the delusions of their rulers, Europeans--the people who invented science, medicine and law, essentially building the modern world--are systematically turning the continent over to a group of people who are not only uneducated, but most of whom are members of a so-called religion that wants to conquer the world by force.

That's astonishing enough, but what's equally astonishing is that hardly any member of the Lying U.S. mainstream media or the "elites" is writing about it.  In fact anyone who does bring it up is immediately attacked by the elites as a raacist-- or equivalently, an "islamophobe."

Based on current trends, in thirty years most European nations will be majority-muslim.  Part of this is due to continued insane rates of African and mid-east immigration, but the rest is due to the huge difference in birthrates between Muslims--3.8 children per woman of child-bearing age--and the native Europeans (1.6 per woman).

Tweaking any of these numbers a decimal or two only changes the majority date by a few months.

It should be noted here that virtually all the heads of state in Europe have no children--which makes it far, far easier to be blase about the future.

European men will have to decide if they will follow their leftist leaders into oblivion or fight for their culture and their land.  If they decide to fight, they'll first have to fight their own governments, which have already been fining and imprisoning citizens for even posting comments on social media critical of Muslim attacks. 

If European men decide their culture is worth fighting for, they'll first have to replace their left-wing heads of state, to stop immigration completely.  Then it will take 30 years to remove everyone who doesn't support western values.

Of course you don't live in Europe so you don't think any of this matters to Americans.  Let me tell you why it does--hugely:

Right now Africa has about a billion people.  Due to the high birthrate of the least-educated Africans, demographers tell us that barring a major war or famine, in 30 years that population will triple. 

If a million Africans are leaving for better, more generous societies every year right now, with one billion people, what will happen when Africa has an additional two billion people in thirty years?

It should be screamingly obvious--even to a liberal/democrat--that tens of millions of them will try to go to a country where the government will feed them, give them an apartment and cash. 

As long as European nations will accept them they'll go to Europe because it's closer.  But if Europe closes the door, the only other place where half the natives are dumb enough to have open borders is... the U.S.  And if a Democrat is president, they'll come here by the tens of millions, just like they're overwhelming the nations of Europe today.  (Remember Africa will have another two billion people by 2050.  Why would they stay in Africa if they can come here?)

Now here's a question for Democrats and liberals:  Do you believe life here in the U.S. would be better if the U.S. became much more like Africa and the middle-east, or do you think it would be worse?  Right now virtually all Dems say "better"--but only because they've been conditioned that giving any other answer or opinion means the speaker is raaacist.

If you're NOT a Democrat or liberal or "progressive," are you willing to let mush-headed Democrats and liberals make the decision on keeping our borders open for you and your children?  Seems...kinda harsh for your kids.

By contrast, liberals--many of whom believe children contribute to that horrible bullshit catastrophe called "climate change" (formerly "global warming") and don't plan to have any, don't have nearly as great a personal stake in what happens to the U.S., or who ends up running our society.  After all, in their view Christians are awful, and all religions are equally valid, so they think Islam can't be any worse.

Another thing to consider is health care:  Obamacare charged middle-class working people huge premiums to try to pay the health insurance costs of the 30 million "residents" the emperor and the Dems claimed didn't have insurance.  In just seven years, costs are far higher than forecast, and most of the state "exchanges" (insurance sellers) have gone bankrupt.  It's a disaster, and most Americans are paying more for insurance with such high deductibles as to be almost unusable. What do you think will happen when the feds make you pay to cover another 20 million immigrants?


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