Tuesday, July 25

Ideas from a commenter on another site

From a commenter on a site I read:
In my county the Republican organization is run by the TEA Party, of which I am an active member. Candidates in both the primary and general elections come to us at our meetings. In the 2016 cycle our 10 year incumbent Republican Congresscritter did not set foot in our county. He promised to send a campaign spokesman as a surrogate, but never did. Interestingly enough, the Democrat candidate had the testicular fortitude to come to face us, at our meeting, twice. Again, the Republican candidate would not.

The consistent reaction at our meetings by grass-roots Republican voters is outrage at being lied to by the state and national Republican Party.  We're outraged about the state and national Republican Party's refusal to oppose the Democrats in anything, and the refusal of the state and national Republican Party to even pretend to try to do any of the things in their platforms.

The candidates and officials do not cope well with this. And they have no answer to questions about their studied and deliberate silence and inaction about the Democrat thugs attacking their own voters in the streets, rioting, and in the case of the attempted congressional coup by mass assassination in Alexandria, Virginia; the attempted murder of those same ones who are keeping silent.

These are not the actions of an honest opposing party in a two party system.  Rather, they are the actions of accomplices and subordinates in a criminal conspiracy.

When a government trashes the social contract, brute force replaces legitimacy until a new contract evolves.  If the public sees that the laws of this nation don't apply to the Elites, force returns, and most untidily.

Entropy can only be held at bay for a while through consistent, focused efforts. Our Elitists prefer to focus their efforts on maintaining their personal power above all.
Yes.  As a commenter at the New York Post put it
“The more liberals and Democrats hate Trump, the more I want him to succeed. Because what they hate about him is what they hate about me.”


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