Friday, July 28

Trump rescinds Obama decree allowing wannabe transgenders to serve in military; ourtrage follows

Back in the old days, "open" homosexuals who announced they were gay weren't allowed to continue to serve in the military.  But Democrats decided this just wasn't fair, so Billy Jeff Clinton ordered that U.S. policy was to be "Don't ask, don't tell"--the military was barred from asking if a servicemember was homosexual, and homosexuals could serve as long as they didn't publically declare their, um...preference.

Of course this wasn't good enough for the gay mafia, so they prevailed on their Democrat and judicial allies to order that servicemembers could continue to serve even if they were openly, flagrantly gay.

If you think this would have been enough, keep in mind that we're talking about people--Democrats-- who firmly believe that a fighting force composed entirely of gay combat troops would be as effective as all straights.  (Note I'm not disputing that *some* gays are good at combat.  The question is, does having more gays in the military improve military effectiveness.)

Interestingly, even though virtually none of the Dem "leaders" have served in the military, the Lying Media nevertheless considers them to be experts on combat effectiveness, unit morale and similar.  That figures, since only about half of one percent of journalist are veterans.

So when the emperor took power, he realized he could do still more damage to the military even than had been inflicted by his earlier decree that homosexuals could serve even if openly, flagrantly gay.  So emperor Obama ordered that the military allow people who were determined to have a sex change operation to enlist.

But of course, the armed forces handle the medical care for active-duty personnel.  So about three weeks after the emperor's new decree, some essentially anonymous communist in the Pentagon issued a policy decreeing that 1) sex-change operations were medically necessary, so 2) the armed forces would be required to pay for sex-change operations for as many people as wanted them.

Which of course meant that taxpayers would be footing the bill.

People wanting to change their sex or gender or whatever the PC term is started seeing a chance to save $80,000 or more, by making the military pay for it. 
So...yesterday President Trump announced that after consulting with generals and "military experts," transgender individuals would no longer be allowed in the U.S. military.

Trump said the military should be focused on "decisive" and "overwhelming" victory and that the services cannot be "burdened" by the medical costs and disruption that would result from allowing transgender individuals to serve.

And as you absolutely knew would happen, reporters and celebrities--none of whom have served in the military and who therefore know absolutely everything about military strategy, tactics and personnel issues--immediately reacted to that decision with outrage!

Combat veteran Mia Farrow tweeted "No. My God, this must be challenged." Given Farrow's extensive military experience, not a single reporter disagreed with her.

George Takei--gay and extremely fluent in things military because of his years of service on the TV series "Star Trek"--tweeted "Invidious discrimination against any group must be opposed by all."

Yeah.  Obama gave wanna-be transgender folks a big freebie, which they never had before, so rescinding it is discrimination?  Don't think so.

Secret-cable-leaker Bradley Manning--who knows more about the military than most "celebrities" because he served briefly before demanding to be called "Chelsea" and putting on nylons and lipstick and demanding that the military pay for his sex-change operation--tweeted
So, biggest baddest most $$ military on earth cries about a few trans people but funds the F-35?  sounds like cowardice.
Just so ya know, Bradley was the poster "boy" for forcing the military (thus taxpayers) to pay for sex-change operations for the terminally dysfunctional.  Of course *he* didn't literally force the military to pay; it was emperor Obama who made that call.  Thanks, ya communist bastard!

Special snowflake Chris Hayes tweeted of Trump, "He's going to lean in to culture war the more threatened he feels and it will get far far uglier."  How do you think transgenders threaten Trump, asshole?  No, he didn't do it because he feels threatened, but because Obama's diktat hurt the military, period.  But I wouldn't expect a "metrosexual" like you to know that.

So...just for the record:  Obviously everyone is entitled to an opinion about everything, but paying attention to opinions about the military held by actors and reporters and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi or anyone else who's never served makes about as much sense as non-pilots trying to tell Navy pilots how to land on an aircraft carrier.  It's insane.

But of course, that's what drives Democrats, their media allies and snowflake supporters.  To hell with all of 'em.


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