Sunday, July 23

Hidden flashpoint: Muslim demonstrations over metal detectors at Al-Aqsa mosque

Most wars start for one of two reasons:  Either two nations embark on policies that conflict, and neither wants to concede; or one nation backs another into a corner, and the smaller nation concludes that fighting a losing battle is better than surrender.

Now the relevance:  As you probably know, the third-most-important site to Muslims (after Mecca and Medina) is the Al-Aqsa mosque, which is in Jerusalem.  That mosque is built on what seems to be the historic site of "The Second Temple" of ancient Israel--the only remaining part of which is a huge stone wall called the Western Wall.  The top of this wall is level with an elevated plateau that's the ground floor of the mosque.

Between 1948 and 1967 Jerusalem was a divided city--literally, Israel controlled part and Jordan controlled part, and there were fences right down the middle of streets.  Then when Israel won the Six Day War in June of 1967, it "annexed" the part formerly controlled by Jordan, which was part of the defeated Arab coalition.  It took down the fences dividing the city and offered citizenship to all the residents.  Very few took the offer, for what are described as "political reasons."

Given the importance of the Al-Aqsa mosque to Islam, and Israel's realization that future peace required neighbors who weren't foaming for your destruction, Israel didn't dynamite the mosque, and didn't take control of it.  Instead they left it under Jordanian control.  They allowed Muslims to continue to control and use the mosque. 

Considering that Israel had just fought and won an existential battle against a far larger Arab coalition, the willingness to allow Jordan to continue to control the mosque and its plateau strikes me as amazing.  But in any case...  Israeli police patrol the plateau around the mosque, because on numerous occasions mobs of Muslims have used the plateau's elevation advantage to shower rocks on Jews praying at the base of the Western Wall.

About ten days ago two young Muslims armed with machineguns, seemingly on the way in to the mosque, suddenly shot two Israeli police, killing both.  Other police killed the shooters.  In response, Israel installed metal detectors in the entrances to the area around the mosque, so that one could only enter by passing thru one of the detectors.

Now:  Even though the installation of the metal detectors was prompted by the to Muslims shooting the two Israeli policemen, the Muslim reaction to the installation of the detectors was... rage.  The head Muzz called the installation an attempt to control the site (well, certainly to keep people from sneaking machineguns in, eh?), and called for constant demonstrations until Israel folded and removed the detectors.  He also called for his fellow muzz to *not* go to the mosque for Friday prayers but to fill the streets around the site.  Finally, he said the Muslims "would never back down."

The Israelis responded by deploying a reported 2700 extra police to checkpoints on every street leading to the mosque, and turning away muzz under age 50.

So far, tempest in a teapot, eh?

But in Jordan Friday, massive demonstrations by muzz angry at the detectors.

I think this is significant, just as Barack Obama's many cleverly-worded incitements of blacks to kill whites was significant for this country:  They're a source of foot-soldiers, potential suicide bombers or knife-attackers.  Or worse.

Take a look at the pic below.  Let's say 50,000 Jordanians were motivated enough to turn out for the demonstration.  Now pick a single-digit number for the percentage of muzz who respond to polls that they're personally willing to bomb civilians to usher in world domination by Islam.  Let's keep the numbers nice and round by saying five percent.  That's 2500 potential suicide bombers in that crowd alone.

Think that pic shows the only muzz in the middle east who are furious about this alleged "oppression" of their religion?

In the US. before Obama took the throne, how many times in a year were cops assassinated?

I don't mean killed in a gunfight, but assassinated from ambush, like the poor black officer and mother of two, shot thru the window.

Maybe one a year.

And how many per year now?

Incitement has consequences.  Sometimes people decide it's worth killing dozens or hundreds in ambushes to get what they want--that it's the only way to get what they want in the time they demand it.

The problem for the Israelis here is that either way they jump, they're screwed:  Concede, and you give the Muzz the smell of blood:  "We can win if we just make them suffer enough."  Hold your ground, and you have an extra 2500 suicide attacks.  And yes, the attackers are usually killed, but it doesn't bring back the dead Israelis.

The problem can be solved, of course, but it's not a solution the muzz are willing to consider.  Because the muzz leaders know all they have to do is keep the demonstrations up and wait until the useless but muzz-friendly U.N. demands that Israel remove the detectors.  The useless, cuck-riddled EU will jump on that, and the game amps up a notch.

And let me emphasize that I don't have a dog in this hunt.  I just watch the trends--and the scores of missed chances to chill and make things work peacefully without the west surrendering.  Of course the muzz don't want that.  Instead they want an endless series of confrontations, with the west constantly backing up, surrendering by inches.

It ain't hard to do the math.


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