Tuesday, June 20

Stunning attempt by Obama's NSC to hide official records by shipping 'em to his prez library

Some posts here describe events and threats to our way of life that are way more serious than most.  This is one of the serious ones.  Unfortunately it takes about four minutes to explain it, so 90 percent of Americans will never hear of it, let alone grasp how dangerous it is.

From last July through the election the Obama administration and the media were trying to torpedo Trump's chances.  The media is free to do as it wants, but government isn't supposed to use its essentially-infinite resources to tip the scales of the next election.

Of course both Obama and Hilliary believe laws don't apply to them.  So when Hilliary's campaign strategist (and DNC bigwig) John Podesta fell for a phishing scam and sent out his email password, enabling thousands of highly damaging Dem emails to be copied, both the DNC and Obama admin went into damage-control mode.

The emails--published by Wikileaks--painted Hilliary and the campaign people--including DNC executives--in a bad light, so the Hilliary campaign urgently wanted to find a story that would not only blame their loss on someone other than head advisor Podesta, but would also shift the focus away from the content of the damning emails.  Claiming that Russian agents had hacked into the DNC server was the perfect story.  And Obama and friends were only too happy to go along, since a Democrat win would protect them from any legal action that might be mounted for their mountain of crimes if Hilly lost.

To make the Narrative even better, they crafted the story that people in Trump's campaign had colluded with the Russians to pull this off.  Whether the Russians had approached the Trump staff with an offer or the campaign had asked the Russians to hack the DNC didn't need to be explained.  All that mattered was to plant the Narrative, leak some classified info to their friends in the media and sit back and let it all play out.

Sure enough, leaks later determined to have come from the president's National Security Council, and the NSA and CIA, showed up in the NY Times and WaPo.  The substance was that there had been "conversations" between unnamed Trump staffers and the Russian ambassador.  Among the most serious charge was that someone in the White House had specifically requested that the names of the staffers who participated in the conversations be "unmasked"--i.e. revealed.  This is illegal.

All evidence points to the requester being the infamous Susan Rice, of "Benghazi cover-story" fame.  But Rice would never have requested the unmasking without either being ordered to do so or at least clearing it with her superiors.  And the only person she reported to was...the emperor himself.

Now:  A watchdog organization--Judicial Watch--filed suit against the Obama NSC under the Freedom of Information Act, seeking all information relevant to the unmasking requests.  By law, there are only a handful of ways an agency can refuse to comply with FOIA requests.

In a letter to Judicial Watch the Obama NSC claims any information it once had has been shipped to the Obama presidential library.  The letter said JW needed to contact the library.  But the writer also noted that by law, records in presidential libraries are sealed for five years after a president leaves office.  In other words, you can't get the records for five years.

This is a blatant, illegal attempt to avoid turning over evidence that would blow the Dems entire scam wide open.  The NSC, NSA and CIA all know they've broken numerous laws in unmasking and leaking secret information to the media, and they know they've got to stonewall this or many will face serious legal jeopardy.

Folks, next to this, Watergate was a nothing.

If Trump's DOJ doesn't get a handle on this--and fast--he won't last out the year.


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