Tuesday, June 20

Murder of 17-year-old Muslim girl in Virginia is *almost* a huge story

You may have heard about the 17-year-old Muslim girl in Virginia (near DC) who was brutally murdered by a 22-year-old man.  Beaten to death with a baseball bat, heaven forbid.  Commenters on conservative sites were uniform in their sympathy for the girl and her family--unlike the hate boiling from leftist rags when a Republican-hating socialist shot GOP rep Scalise a few days earlier.

For a few hours, Democrats and the Mainstream Media thought they'd found a Neutralizer for the attempted murder of a dozen Republican congressman and near-fatal shooting of Rep. Scalise as they were practicing for a charity baseball game in DC.  If the man who killed the innocent Muslim girl was a white conservative--as the Dems and MSM expected--it would have totally blown the shooting at the baseball practice off the news cycle for good.  Moreover, it would block conservatives from claiming that the Left was the crazy violent party.

But turns out the media and Dems didn't get their Neutralizer, as the killer turned out to be...an illegal alien from El Salvador.

SO close!  Now, instead of getting a story that would neutralize the ghastly Scalise shooting, the mainstream media can't touch the story--cuz the killer was an illegal, which plays right into a point republicans have been making for years.  Can't have that, eh?

Now imagine how the Mainstream Lying Media would have treated this story if the killer had been an American-born Christian with a history of anti-Muslim comments on social media.  The story would have been in the headlines for at least ten days.  Whereas when a Bernie Sanders supporter with a known social-media history of hating Republicans fires 40 rounds at Republicans, it's here and gone in two days.

Regardless, absolute sympathy for the victim and her family.  No one deserves her fate.

UPDATE:  Sure enough, when this story got ten seconds on ABC, NBC and CBS nightly news, not a word about the murderer's illegal status.  ABC's website proves the network knew 3 hours before the news show that the killer was an illegal, but they refused to put that information on the air.

So looks like illegals have higher status for the Mainstream Media than a 17-year-old Muslim girl murdered by one. 


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