Friday, June 16

President annuls Obama decree allowing parents of illegals to come to U.S. indefinitely

Last night president Trump ended one of emperor Obama's huge shit-pot of "executive orders" (over half of which were cunningly titled "executive memoranda," specifically to make it not look like he was writing or deleting quite as many laws as he actually was).

The policy Trump ended was cunningly referred to by Dems and the Lying Media as simply "DAPA."  The stories you read--if any--usually explained that the acronym stood for "Deferred Action for Parents of Americans," but what that meant was almost always placed very close to the end of the articles.  (Hint: it's all gonna depend on how one defines "Americans.")

To understand what that particular Obama decree meant--and believe me, his advisors and aides didn't want conservatives to know what it meant because that would have created a lot of fury--you had to know about a different imperial decree, issued almost exactly one year later and called by yet another acronym: "DACA"--"Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals."  Under DACA, Obama decreed that illegals who were under age 15 when brought to the U.S. by their parents could stay in the U.S. essentially without a time limit.

A federal court of appeals later ruled that this decree violated federal immigration law.  But hey....

The heart-wrenching narrative used to get the public to accept DACA was that many illegal-alien kids were brought to the U.S. by their parents when very young--sometimes only months old!  They'd grown up here, and Democrats claimed it was the only country they'd ever really known.  Some of these kids reportedly didn't even speak Spanish!

Pro-illegal-immigration activists (all Democrats) argued that since the kids didn't have any choice in the decision that brought them here, it would just be cruel, horrible, awful beyond belief to deport these poor, totally innocent youth!  So naturally the media was fine with Obama's edict.  And most conservatives never knew about it.

But when the decree was issued, the cunning Obama aides had changed the wording:  The actual wording of the decree said that kids didn't have to be brought in by their parents to qualify.  Kids who came in unaccompanied also qualified.  When the edict was published this seemed a trivial point.

But wait...that was DACA.  That hasn't been touched.  Trump rolled back DAPA, which as I noted above was Obama's decree titled "Deferred Action for Parents of Americans."  The similar wording makes it easy to confuse the two.

The narrative used to sell DAPA was even more heart-wrenching than for DACA:  If someone immigrated to the U.S. legally, "immigration-rights activists" (all Democrats) argued that it was only proper that the immigrant be permitted to bring his or her parents to the U.S. too.  After all, not to do that would rip families apart, so...

So almost a year after his DACA decree, Obama issued DAPA, which allowed foreign parents of American citizens to join their offspring here.  Who could possibly object, eh?

But when the decree was issued, way down toward the bottom there was a phrase that specified that the title phrase "parents of Americans" quite broadly.  The decree would also apply to illegal aliens who had been granted unlimited U.S. residence under his earlier DACA decree.

This was a huge difference, because during the emperor's reign up to 150,000 illegal-alien kids were pouring across the border in some years, and Obama's earlier decree (DACA) allowed them to stay here indefinitely.  But tens of thousands of these kids came across without their parents, meaning--their families had been ripped apart!

Everyone agreed that that was cruel, awful, horrible beyond belief.  Naturally the solution was for taxpayers to pay to fly those poor kids home to be with their beloved parents, so....

Hahahahahaha!  Don't be silly.  According to the emperor the solution was to let the parents of all these poor unaccompanied kids to join them in the U.S.

Sweet, eh?  Millions of future Democrat voters, at the stroke of the emperor's pen.  And the added beauty of it was that it appealed to so many Americans!  After all, no one wanted families to be destroyed, by ripping kids away from their parents, right?  Of course the media carefully, studiously avoided mentioning the inconvenient fact that virtually all the unaccompanied kids had actually been sent to the U.S. by their parents in the first place

Of course the unaccompanied kids could have been reunited with their parents at any time by going back to Mexico.  But Democrats didn't want 'em to do that.  Much better to bring in a million or so new Democrat voters.  It was the world's most successful voter-recruiting program.

At least if you were a Democrat.


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