Friday, June 16

NBC story on shooting of GOP ballplayers: just "speculation" that attack was politically-motivated

After the shooting of GOP congressman Steve Scalise, NBC--which you can totally trust to give you unbiased truth, right?--ran with the story.

Curious about why the guy did it?  Down in the 7th graf NBC shows they're unwilling to rush to any conclusions:
While Hodgkinson's motivations remain under investigation, his online presence, seemingly as a passionately anti-Republican commenter, has fueled speculation that the attack was politically motivated. 
Ten grafs on his history with rifles. Lots and lots of scary gun stuff.  But in the end "Motivations remain under investigation."  Online presence "seemingly as a passionately anti-Republican commenter."  All NBC has is "speculation" that the attack was politically motivated.

Of course since a witness said the guy asked whether the players on the field were Republicans or Democrats, you'd think NBC's writer might have thought there was more than mere "speculation" about why the guy started shooting.

But way, way down near the end of the piece the are some faint, faint hints that the writer might have picke up on:
  • the guy said his favorite TV program was "The Rachel Maddow Show"
  • on fakebook he wrote "I Hate Republicans & everything they stand for"
  • he was a member of a fakebook group called "Terminate the Republican Party"
  • he wrote a letter to his local paper claiming Republican policies "sucked"
But certainly we wouldn't want Americans to, you know, jump to the hateful and totally unsupported conclusion that this "gun nut" might have had political motives for shooting Republicans.

Hey, maybe he just doesn't like baseball.


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