Tuesday, June 20

Headlines we almost saw from the Mainstream Media

The Mainstream Media have been lying to us for so long that "Fake News" has become a thing.

Ordinary folks don't own big newspapers or radio or TV stations, so there's no way to really "fight back" against that.  They only avenue available is to boycott the outlets, and/or their advertisers, or... heap massive ridicule on the sons of bitches.

In the last vein, here are some "headlines we almost saw from the MSM."

   After the shooting of GOP baseball players in DC:
       "Illinois tourist killed while watching baseball practice at DC park"
   After the bomb attack at the pop-singer concert in Manchester:
       "Libyan immigrant killed in explosion at arena"
   After 9/11:  "Saudi students spur massive redevelopment project in lower Manhattan"
   After Comey refused to charge Hilliary with violating rules for handling classified material: 
         "World's smartest woman unintentionally deletes 33,000 emails and accidentally smashes 4 smartphones."

   After riots by Antifa in Berkeley forced cancellation of speeches by two conservatives:
        "Students use imaginative methods to prevent 'triggering' speech"


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