Sunday, June 18

More death threats from leftist professors

If you still think the Left is rational, and can be reasoned with, you haven't seen enough examples of their insane hatred for Republicans.  Just now saw this one: it's a tweet from a "professor" at the Art Institute of Washington, who writes that House Republicans “should be lined up and shot” for their passage of an Obamacare-replacement bill.

Of course Leftists who still want to make their side look pure as the snow would say "That's just hyperbole!  He doesn't actually mean it!"

The Left wants you to believe that.  But the "professor" destroys that bullshit in the very next line, writing “that’s not hyperbole; blood is on their hands.”
This fascist's tweet is much the same as that of another "professor," Lars Maischak at California State University, who tweeted
“Justice = The execution of two Republicans for each deported immigrant” 
Maischak also tweeted that "a death sentence is inevitable" for the president, that “in order to save democracy, Trump must hang,” and that “Trump’s Republicanism stands in a continuity with fascism.”

After someone alerted the Secret Service to the threats, Maischak claimed he “did not intend to harm Mr. Trump,” and was not trying to encourage anyone else to assassinate the president.

It was just a joke, see?  And if you don't get the joke it's because you're a hater or something.

Did you actually see a single tweet or fakebook post calling for the black emperor to be hanged?  See one calling for two Democrats to be executed for each American killed by a terrorist or an illegal alien?  No, you didn't.

If there had been a single one the NYTimes and WaPo and HuffPo would have screamed about it on the front page every day for a month.  They would have demanded prison sentences for whoever threatened it.  It would have been on the network TV "news."

But of course that's because threats from the right are bad, awful, horrible.  Serious.  By contrast, at least as the Lying Media styles it, threats from the Left are jokes--soft, fluffy clouds of love and kumbayah.

Of course there was that guy who shot Scalise and fired another 40 rounds at other GOP congressmen at their practice for a charity baseball game, but that's different--cuz he didn't actually threaten anyone before he started shooting, right?
"See?  Different.  Can't be compared.  And besides, he loved guns so he was probably a secret right-wing nutter anyway, right?"

The Left and their media allies--and an ever-growing number of professors, apparently--are insane.


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