Tuesday, June 20

Fox news headlines murder "mosque killing" for no good reason

With the handoff of Fox to Murdoch's two sons, Fox News is really going off the rails.  Example: A man--later discovered to be an illegal immigrant--killed a 17-year-old Muslim girl who was walking home after attending what was reported to be a "sleepover" at a local mosque.

Fox headlined the story "Virginia mosque killing."

Ask yourself:  If a Christian girl had been killed while walking home from a church social, would Fox have run it under the headline "Church killing"?

Of course not.  Not even close.  So why "mosque killing"?  Because it's inflammaory, and plays into The Narrative--now apparently being pushed by Fox as well as the normal Lying Mainstream media--that Muslims are being targeted by "Americans."

This is just one of many examples of Fox starting to toe the Mainstream Media line.

So long, Fox.  You were the last *reasonably* unbiased TV net, and if you've decided you wanna be like the others, who needs ya?


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