Friday, June 16

Socialist head of UK labor party calls for homes of the rich to be "requisitioned" to house fire victims

As most of you probably know, Jeremy Corbyn heads the U.K. Labour Party.  He's a hard-left socialist.

And he's just a handful of votes away from becoming the next prime minister of that nation.

Here's how socialists think:  After the high-rise fire in London two days ago left 400-odd survivors looking for accommodations, Corbyn suggested that "vacant properties" in high-rent Kensington be "requisitioned" for the displaced residents of the high-rise.

Since you obviously don't live in Kensington, why should this matter a whit to you?

Answer: This is the sort of thing socialists demand.  And when socialists control a government--from a village right on up to the whole country--they have the power to command whatever they desire.

If you think that's not what U.S. socialists will do, you haven't been paying attention.


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