Tuesday, May 23

Top two Dem finishers for DA in Philly claim the cause of hugely disproportionate black crime is...

Often, seemingly innocuous events have a huge and damaging effect on our future.  Here's an example, edited from a piece by Colin Flaherty:
Democrats in Philidelphia believe they've figured out why black crime and violence are so wildly out of proportion: The reason, they believe, is...white racism.

This epiphany appeared during the recent election for District Attorney. The seven Democrat candidates only disagreed on one thing: who was strongest in claiming that the reason for black crime was "institutionalized racism" by whites.  Here's what Dem candidate Joe Kahn said:
There’s no question we have systemic racism in this country, right?  And what we have to do as prosecutors is to be...vigilant about stamping out that problem and using our power as prosecutors to not just recognize that problem, not just push back against it, but be proactive in doing what we can to uplift society and do what we can to push back against the trend in American society with respect to race.
It should be noted that Kahn is white.  He finished second in the DA race.  He joins most Dems in claiming that blacks in the U.S. are "losing their voting rights”--presumably due to states seeking to reduce vote fraud by requiring photo-ID.

During the same debate a white female candidate said that if she was elected as DA her first task would be to hire more black people because of institutional racism in the prosecutor’s office.

But the most vociferous pusher of the notion that white racism is to blame for black crime was Larry Krasner, a white defense attorney.  Krasner has spent the last 25 years as a defense attorney, most recently defending Black Lives Matter.

And now, thanks to a staggering $1.4 million donation from a George Soros front group -- a donation that even the local Democrat media could't ignore--Krasner will now be charged with prosecuting the same violent criminals he has devoted his life to describing as victims.

Now, I don't know whether the government and/or legal system in Philly is awash in "systemic racism," but since virtually every office-holder and prosecutor is already black (except for the just-elected Larry Krasner, of course), it's hard to put much credence in that claim.

But y'know the beauty of federalism--in which the various states are able to try different approaches to problems--is that in a couple of years we could have a better idea as to whether the approach demanded by Krasner, Kahn and their supporters is sound.  Could.  The test would be whether their policies of bending over backwards to try to compensate for this alleged "systemic racism" have cut crime.

The reason it's just "could" is that Democrats are very adept at changing rules and definitions to artificially make the figures look better for them.  Example:  Mayors of so-called "sanctuary cities" have ordered their DA's not to charge illegal aliens with most offenses, to prevent ICE from deporting 'em.  Think the reported crime rate in those cities will decline?

Entire Flaherty article here.


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