Saturday, May 20

Why do American feminists never say a critical word about Islam's abuses of women?

One of the blogs I read regularly is Ace of Spades, and today a co-blogger there had a great take on how virtually every American "feminist" supports female-mutilating, female-stoning Islam.

It's always astounded me how the left always sides with the most thuggish, regressive regimes in the world, as long as those regimes are enemies of America. Whether it's the rat bastard commies of the USSR and Cuba, the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, the murderous FMLN guerillas in El Salvador, they all received enthusiastic applause and support from the progressive left. 

And it's not just the grudging "yeah they're a-holes but we need to support 'em because the alternative is worse" type of support that conservatives sometimes give authoritarian regimes that are friendly to the U.S (pre-1979 Iran, pre-Castro Cuba), but rather the slobbering, obsequious, they're-the-best-ever adoration.

I'm equally astonished that one of the greatest heroes of feminists--one whom they passionately defended and ran interference for--is the serial sexual predator Bill Clinton, a man who violated just about every standard that feminists claim to stand for.

Now America and the west are facing the most regressive and thuggish enemy yet, one that truly treats women as little better than livestock.  So you'd think that a regime such as that would be the one bridge the feminists could not bring themselves to cross.

Of course you'd be wrong.

I'm referring to a blog post at HuffPo by an addlepated feminist titled Muslims Are The True Feminists. Her main point is to explain how wonderful it is to wear the hijab and how it liberates women's bodies from the lustful gazes of evil, feelthy men.

Question: would Mohammad's wife be able to legally drive a car in Saudi Arabia today?

Here's another whopper: not supposed to be forced on them by their fathers and husbands. Wearing or not wearing the Hijab reflects a Muslim woman’s own a personal choice.
Wait, so Islam doesn't force women to wear the bag?  It's totally a woman's personal choice? Really? In what universe?

Next we can expect some Leftist site to post "Female Genital Mutilation Enhancement: Why Getting Your Clitoris Cut Off With a Rusty Knife Has Wonderful Health Benefits."
 Ah, American leftist feminists.  All the logical consistency of both groups.


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