Saturday, May 20

#Resistance is a two-way street, folks

It seems that what the Left and Democrats call "the Resistance" is winning in its efforts to oust President Trump by a coup. 

It's doubtful that anyone could stand up to the relentless onslaught by every media outlet, every television and cable network.  In any case, so far he seems to be losing.  And the Dems and the Lying Media smell blood.

They definitely want a coup, but I don't think they've thought it all out yet.

For example, they expect the "deplorables" will simply accept a coup as a fait accompli.  But I'm not sure the deplorables will be quite as understanding as the Dems and Lying Media believe.

Once you've shown the public that neither their votes nor the Constitution matters, and that the Left and Dems will veto the results of an election if they don't like who won, what do they think will bind the people who voted for the winner to respect the law, or the new government installed by the Left?

For elections to work, the side that loses the election must respect the will of the people--because that's the only way you can count on the other side to respect the outcome when they lose.
But now that social contract has been entirely rejected by roughly 30% of the country.  They've made it plain that they intend to have the government they want, regardless of the election results.

They demand the right to rule, regardless of elections.

Of course they literally can't imagine the generally-law-abiding, hard-working deplorables would actually respond to a coup with force.  After all, the deplorables always let the Left do as they wish.  They put their heads down and go back to work, as always.  They'd never resist.

They've never resisted before, right?

If you could go back in time to just before Gavrillo Princip assassinated archduke Franz Ferdinand--the event that sparked World War 1--and show him hours of video of the ghastly results of his planned act--do you think he would have passed on the assassination?

No way.  No matter how much evidence you showed him, he simply wouldn't have believed it.

It's not reasonable to think such a relatively minor event could have such ghastly consequences, right?

After all, nothing like that ever happened before.


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