Monday, May 22

Journalists fall for fake memo on White House catering demands for Israel trip--LMAO!

You know the media have target-fixation on removing Trump "by any means necessary" when they keep falling for obvious satirical pieces.  In this case a hoaxer posted a fake memo bearing the White House logo, ostensibly setting out requirements for Trump's current visit.

Journalists still didn't suspect anything even when the memo included things like "9 lbs of bacon" (Trump's son-in-law is Jewish) and "2 cartons of KFC paper napkins--MUST BE KFC)"

You really need to click here to see the long list of journos who bit on this thing--and tweeted all sorts of serious criticisms of what a horrible diet Trump was eating! 

But remember:  They're way WAY smahtah than you are.

Seeing this might pique your interest:


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