Monday, May 22

Liberal writer: Kids shouldn't play with squirt-guns...cuz..."normalizing"!

A writer on a liberal site claims kids shouldn't be allowed to have...squirt-guns.

Yep.  And not just ones that *look* like real guns--though I highly doubt that any U.S. company still makes those.  No, she includes the orange bulbous critters that look like something from space.

And her reasoning is...surprisingly, it's not that you could put someone's eye out with a squirt of water from an "assault squirt-gun."  No, it's that playing with toy guns "normalizes" guns for kids.  And since everyone knows that guns can be deadly, letting 'em play with squirt-guns is sort of like what they used to call a "gateway drug" that leads 'em to use the real thing.

Y'know, that's a really great point.  Good liberal parents should *never* let kids get familiar with deadly things, cuz familiarity "normalizes" the very thing that could kill 'em.  Absolutely.  All good liberal parents should support libs on this one!

And in that vein, shouldn't this argument also apply to a couple of other deadly things?  Like, oh...  swimming pools!  Lots of kids drown in the things every year, right?  Letting your kids swim just "normalizes" those killer products!

Also, *automobiles*!  Adults get to make an informed choice on whether to use 'em, knowing the risks, but kids don't get a choice.  So good parents--liberals, obviously--need to stop making our kids use 'em, cuz all we're doing is "normalizing" something that could kill 'em. on TV for war-like video games!  Letting your kids discover that "war" and "combat" have actually, y'know, happened--well, do I need to go thru the "normalizing" thing again?  I'm not talking about parents not letting their kids have those sorts of games--geez, all good parents long ago stopped letting their kids have those, didn't they?  No, I'm talking about banning TV ads for those games.

C'mon, liberals!  How can you call out the threats to kids posed by squirtguns while ignoring the threats posed by these other things?  After all, if the logic is sound, why not apply the same logic to everything else that can kill kids?


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