Monday, May 22

Chairman of California Dem party closes state convention by leading followers in a chant of "F*** Donald Trump;" media yawns

The outgoing chair of the California Democratic Party, John Burton, was on-stage Saturday, May 20th, at the California’s party's state convention in Sacramento.

As former speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the current chair of the Dem national committee Tom Perez looked on in party solidarity, Burton... put his middle finger in the air and led his eager Democrat followers in a chant of “Fuck Donald Trump!”

Isn't that precious?   Obviously following the lead of "The Great Uniter," emperor Barack--the guy who uttered those famous, healing words "Get in their faces."

When the war starts--as it almost certainly will--Democrats like Pelosi, Perez and Burton will pretend to be absolutely mystified as to how it could have happened!   They'll claim they had nothing whatsoever to do with fanning the flames of hatred, class warfare, endless demands for more taxpayer-funded freebies and so on.

Nope, not them.  No way!  Being Democrats and liberals they'll claim to be paragons of delightful, well-spoken rational thinking!  They'll claim that after the election they repeatedly tried to reach out to Rethuglicans to get them to do what the Dems wanted.  After all, the Media had been telling Americans for months that their candidate was an idiot, a thug, an eeeevil rich person whose policies were only going to benefit rich white folks.  So, I mean, what was a good Democrat supposed to do when the eeevil, orange Trump refused to resign the office in favor of the sainted Hilliary?

So hey, not their fault.  No way.

I'll close with three questions:  First, do you think this incident accurately captures the attitude of high-level leaders of the Democrat party?

Second:  How do you think the Lying Media would have reacted if the chairman of California's Republican party had led his party's members in chanting "Fuck Obama!" ?

Finally:  How many of you think a single network or national paper will utter or print a word of this hateful, conflict-inflaming behavior?


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