Saturday, May 20

Where we are as of May 20th, 2017

The Left is mounting a coup against President Donald Trump, with collusion between the largely Democratic media and Trump’s numerous enemies in the Republican Party.  While one object of the coup is impeachment, they also win if they can recruit enough Republican senators and congressmen to declare Trump "unfit for office" and thus force him out without having to go through an actual impeachment.

Even at this early stage, Trump's opponents have succeeded in forcing him to modify several of his policies and abandon some promised changes.  They've put him on the defensive, forcing him to constantly respond to lies and accusation from anonymous sources.  That's a huge win for Dems and their media allies.

When most Americans are busy simply going to work to make their mortgage payments, and don't look at the facts behind the anonymous accusations, it's easy for the media to do their dirty work.

Democrats, RINOs and the Lying Media--people who never built much of anything--are working full-time to destroy this nation.  And they believe--reasonably--that no one will try to stop them.

After all, they've always won before, so why should this time be any different?

The astonishing, wonderful qualities that made America and its government unique are no longer taught in schools, and haven't been for decades.  Thus when young people hear the media scream for the nation's destruction--cloaked, of course, in language of "fairness"--they agree that this is probably a good thing.

The Lying Mainstream Media lost any interest in honest reporting long ago.  They've been lying--they use the euphemism call it "spinning"--for decades.  Finally ordinary, hard-working Americans caught on, and the spin lost its power--at least with the "deplorables."  As a result, they elected a president despite the media's maximum effort to defeat him.

Now, having lost an election they were sure they'd won for their Democrat candidate, the media (and Dems and leftist and RINO's) is hell-bent on impeaching the winner--the man whose supporters defeated the media's choice.

Democrats and their allies on the left have decided they will not honor the results of the election.  But if they won't honor the Constitution and the means of succession provided for by that document--once referred to as the "supreme law of the land"--what tool remains to determine political legitimacy?

Force.  Deadly force.

What's funny is that when war comes the Dems and Lying Media will wail loudly: "If only those stupid deplorables would have just done what we demanded--given in and let us appoint Hillary to replace that awful orange guy--everything would have been just wonderful.  Instead the bitter warmongers refused.  So it's all their fault!

What was likely the fatal step that killed the Constitution and rule of law was when Lois Lerner got away with covering for Obama using the IRS to target conservative groups seeking non-profit certification.  Obviously Obama's corrupt DOJ had no interest in prosecuting her, since that would have revealed their orders.  Congress had a chance to throw her law-shredding ass in jail, but was too scared to do so.

By the failure of congress to punish her with a long prison sentence, the Left knew they'd be able to get away with any lawbreaking, no matter how egregious.

We've been seeing the consequence since the inauguration, when leftist demonstrators rioted in D.C, breaking hundreds of windows and doing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage, yet no major penalties.  Same in Berkeley, Portland, Seattle, where Democrat mayors order their police to stand down and let the rioters riot.  Again, no punishment of any consequence.

With no fanfare, barely noticed by most citizens, the Left and their media arm have fanned the flames of hate against the rule of law and against conservatives.  They've crossed a line.

I'm actually not a Trump fan, but if you think the Left and media will stop at impeaching Trump you're too stupid to breathe.


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