Sunday, May 28

AP says U.N. health organization spends more on travel than won't believe it

The Associated Press hates conservatives, capitalism, America and the west.  Loves socialism and the United Nations.  So if the AP puts out a story critical of the U.N., you can guess it must be pretty bad.  An "admission against interest."

In this case the AP says the U.N.'s "World Health Organization" "routinely" spends more on travel for its 7,000 staffers than it spends to fight AIDS, hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis and drug abuse combined.

The U.N. is a racket--a scam.  Thoroughly corrupt.  Its main purpose is to give communists and socialists a weapon to beat free nations with.

I wouldn't be outraged if the Health Racket people spent as much on luxury hotel suites as it did on, say, treating malaria.  But to spend more on travel than the total amount it spends to treat all the diseases listed above COMBINED seems highly outrageous.

Vermin.  Scum.  But well-paid.


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