Friday, May 26

Denver city council votes to cut penalties for "low-level" crimes--to avoid triggering deportation of illegal aliens

Denver's city council just voted to reduce the penalties for *some* "low-level offenses."

That's nice.  So littering will no longer carry a huge fine, that sort of thing?  Letting grass on your property get longer than four inches?  Parking your car on the street?  Or in your yard to wash it?  Those sorts of "low-level offenses"?

Uh, no.  Instead they're cutting penalties on what they call "quality of life offenses."  Here's a partial list:
  • Sitting or lying in a public right-of-way
  • Unauthorized camping on public or private property
  • Urinating or defecating in public
  • Panhandling
  • Solicitation on or near street or highway
The city council reduced the penalties for these offenses to keep from triggering possible deportation of illegal aliens--a huge population in Colorado.

Denver mayor Michael Hancock released the following statement Monday night in support of what he and the city council brilliantly named "sentencing reform."
This ordinance...helps to keep families together by ensuring low level offenses... are not a deportation tool. With this ordinance we will ensure punishment fits the severity of the offense -- not just for our immigrant communities [the mayor cunningly omits the crucial word "illegal" here] but for all our people including those experiencing homelessness.
[W]e are sending a clear message that we will not sacrifice our values or bend to a broken immigration system.
Over the past four months the White House has issued a series of executive orders that have exacerbated our broken immigration system [really? enforcing laws is making the system worse?] and have had a real impact on our community.  Denver is committed to taking actions that will protect our people’s rights and keep our city safe, welcoming and open.
Well it'll protect *someone's* rights.  Just not those of American citizens.  And as far as claiming that keeping the illegal population in Denver as high as possible, not sure how the Democrat mayor things that will "keep our city safe."  Oh, wait, I've got it: "Safe for illegals."  Now it makes sense.
This is not about shielding violent people and I will not play political games with the safety of our community.
Oh NO, not a lying sack-of-shit Democrat mayor of a sanctuary city!  Heaven forbid!  Democrats always consider the safety of citizens before, say, ordering ICE to let admitted memebers of the MS-13 gang into the U.S., as the emperor's henchmen did.

But don't worry, citzien:  Your Dem congresswhores are working night and day to impeach or otherwise remove the One True Threat to world peace:  President Trump.

After the vote Mark Silverstein, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, acknowledged that cutting sentences was a good first step, but said more work should be done to "protect vulnerable communities."

“I think so-called  'quality of life offenses' should not be considered crimes and should carry no punishment."


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