Sunday, May 28

Politicians in most western nations continue to refuse to recognize the obvious

The Manchester bomb attack demonstrates yet again that most politicians--one is loathe to call them "leaders"--in both Europe and in America are determined to avoid identifying the problem.  Instead they utter platitudes.

For example, just today (May 28th) the NY Times tweeted "What led [Manchester bomber] Salman Albedi to bomb the Manchester arena?"  Really, they're pretending to be mystified.

They'll probably guess he didn't like the music.  Yeah, dat's it, you clueless cucks.

A few weeks ago French voters had a chance to elect a president who seemed determined to take stronger action.  Instead they chose more of the same platitude-mouthing wastes of oxygen...more endless denial, where the only allowable response to people who want to kill you is open borders and a strong commitment to doing nothing.

These pols are people who claim the greatest threat we face is not ISIS or al-Qaeda but...climate change.

These are not rational people.  Safe behind high walls in their gated communities, their "reality" bears little resemblance to what the rest of us experience.  In their grand offices, surrounded by adoring sycophants, reality is whatever they say it is.  And their sycophants eagerly agree.

We are supposed to be impressed that British and French ‘intelligence services’ say they had the bomber was on a ‘watch list,’ that they knew he took trips to Libya and Syria and had links to the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.  Which accomplished what, exactly?  The result is still 22 dead, 100 or so injured.

Under emperor Obama his appointees and other liberals in the federal government actively worked to cripple our ability to counter Muslim terrorists.  They insisted that training manuals remove all references to Islamic terrorism.  Police and FBI weren't allowed to look any more closely at mosques than at any other location.

By contrast, Muslim strategists know how to play on the soft-heartedness of American liberals. At the first sign of criticism they start wailing "Islamophobia"--a chant amplified by their allies in the Lying Media.  When was the last time anyone saw Muslims demonstrating against Islamic terror?  Their silence is telling.


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