Sunday, May 28

NY Post says president of "Manhattan Young Democrats" busted for child-porn; almost no other mainstream-media coverage

A rising young star in New York's Democrat party was busted having for child porn on his computer.

Jacob Schwartz, 29, was busted at the end of March.  He’d been under investigation since March 29.

Schwartz wasn't just "some guy:"  He was president of the Manhattan Young Democrats, and the downstate region VP of the New York State Young Democrats.  Of course his name and photo were removed from both groups’ websites after his arrest.
  A photo posted last year on Twitter shows him posing with Robby Mook, who was campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.  Schwartz’s father — Democratic insider Arthur Schwartz — called his son’s case “a personal tragedy.”

Now I think pretty much everyone thinks kiddie-porn is a bad thing, right?  And I'll readily agree that kinks afflict people from both sides of the spectrum.  But since kiddie-porn is so universally deplored, and since this guy isn't just some dumb 'deplorable' from Goatmuzzle, Kentucky, but a public figure--an officer in the Democrat organization of both New York city and the state, and the son of an influential Democrat insider, this just might be newsworthy, right?

So...the NY Post broke this story May 26th.  Let's see how many Mainstream Media organs cover it.

At the moment--two days after the story broke--google shows only one hit other than the NY Post and conservative outlets.  Try searching Google for +"Jacob Schwartz +"New York" +child and see how many mainstream hits you find.  My prediction is no more than the one I found.  Cuz if you're an editor and haven't covered it by now, the media won't cover it, using the excuse that it's "old news."


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