Saturday, May 27

New ideas from the Left

Below are some of the ideas being pushed by the Left--in education, the media and politics--which have been eagerly accepted by virtually all Democrats:
  • When someone has more than you do, it's unfair; they don't deserve it, and you're entitled to *demand* that the government take what they have.  Or you can just take it yourself;
  • If someone succeeds, it's never a result of hard work and risk-taking, but instead is the result of a system that's rigged to benefit whites at the expense of all other groups;
  • You're entitled to get whatever you demand; if the System refuses to give you whatever you want, you're a "victim;"
  • No one should be allowed to say anything that upsets you, or that you disagree with--both of which are usually referred to by the Left as "hate speech;"
  • If "The System"--whether a university or an employer or the law--requires you to do something a certain way, and you don't do it that way, it's just unfair of them to criticize you.  Instead they should accept the way you did it--cuz whatever you do is "right"--cuz you're special;
  • You're entitled to a comfortable payment each month, regardless of whether you work or..."enjoy broadening your horizons without the curse of 'job-lock.'"  This is called a "guaranteed income" and is a core plank of the new Democrat party; 
  • You're entitled to be admitted to any university you like, regardless of your grades or test scores, since these are "tools of the white patriarchy/oppressor class."  Moreover, you're entitled to get this for free, because whatever institution you want to attend should be grateful that you decided to grace them with your presence--because you're really special;
  • You don't have to obey any laws unless you feel like it--cuz, like, laws are just tools of the patriarchial oppressor class.  After all, people at the very top of this corrupt society--like, um...that woman who ran for...something important but got cheated out of it--don't have to obey laws, so why should anyone else have to?
  • You are not just free to take over any business or university building you like, it's virtually required if you want to be part of the power-group.  Our wonderful recent preezie (pbuh) did this for amusement while he was waiting to be crowned, and look how well that worked for him!
  • If you decide to get a degree, don't get one of those goofy ones like "engineering" or stuff, cuz that's not where the power and money is.  You wanna get something that shows you're "down with the struggle."  Right now a trendy one is "intersectionality and the class struggle," but keep your eyes open for trendier ones;
  • The most promising careers are as a "diversity coordinator" or a member of congress, whichever you prefer.  If you play your cards right, both are stepping stones to higher office.


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