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Snowflakes at private liberal arts school demand whites leave campus for a day; when one takes exception to that, they take over the library

Sometimes small events serve as a pointer to the direction of the nation.  In this case it's the events at an otherwise-forgettable private liberal-arts college in Goatmuzzle, Washington.

You should know about this.  By itself it's quite trivial, but as an indicator of what you're about to see a lot more of, it's useful.

Last Tuesday Evergreen College (in Olympia, Washington) held what seems to be an annual event, called "Days of absence."  The "tradition" is that on that day "students of color" don't come the campus.  Apparently this is designed to show how absolutely crucial they are to the proper functioning of that institution.

And "institution" turns out to be a very precise description.

So far, all is well.  But you know it's about to take a turn for the ridiculous.

This year the social justice snowflakes changed the game.  This year they demanded that *whites*--both students and faculty--stay away from the campus.  Because...well, they demanded it, so that's all the reason you need, eh? professor--Bret Weinstein--a white (who turns out to be a leftist, although that's just amusing)--took exception to this demand.  Then he compounded his sin by actually (gasp!) sending an email saying he didn't think this was a proper thing to do.  Here it is:

As you probably guessed, the snowflakes thought this was utterly outrageous.  They cornered the guy in his classroom, screamed at him, cursed him and demanded that he resign--no doubt while congratulating themselves on how really, really tolerant they were.

By Thursday the snowflakes had barricaded themselves in the school's library.  The hoot is that one of the leaders of this group claimed they were *forced* to "retreat" to the library because they were in fear for their lives.  Really, not kidding.

Now professor Weinstein says police have told him to hold his classes off campus due to safety concerns.  “Police told me protesters stopped cars yesterday, demanding information about occupants, he told The Washington Times. “[The police] believe I was being sought."

A college spokesman declined to comment on Weinstein’s situation or any of the other activity on campus.

Evergreen student Blake Vincent, who said he was participating in the protests, said he was unaware of any students looking for Weinstein.

A video of the confrontation between the professor and the snowflakes shows the professor trying to reason with dozens of students, who respond by shouting him down, cursing him and demanding he resign.  When one protester asks the professor whether he believes “black students in sciences are targeted" Weinstein says “I do not believe that anybody on our faculty, with intent, specially targets students of color.”

That remark prompts shrieks of outrage.

According to protester Vincent, after the students barricaded the entrances of the library they "seamlessly turned the retreat into a political occupation."

That's faabulous.  We wouldn't want any seams to show.

After the successful retreat to the library, totally unexpectedly, "demands followed."

At a meeting between the administration and students later that day, university President George S. Bridges said no students would be punished for their involvement in the demonstrations.  This sent exactly the right message to students at all other universities, that screaming and cursing at faculty and taking over the library were just peachy.

On Wednesday, students crashed a faculty meeting.  A faculty member then demonstrated his virtue and dedicationto the struggle by inviting the students to the front of the room to share their stories.“Students are here right now,” the professor said. “Like, we need to listen to their voice. They are out there, their bodies are on the line, right?”

Right.  Down with the struggle to exclude white students and faculty from campus.  But hey, it's just for this one day.  And really, isn't that the least they could do to show their support for social justice?

In front of the assembled faculty members the students condemned the faculty for eating cake rather than supporting the library occupiers.  “Didn’t you educate us on how to do s—t like this?” one student said. “It was you that taught us that in class, right?  You taught us to go and change the world. Ain’t that what you all sell on that state college page?  That when s—t is wrong that we should try to change it? So why you all in here eating cake and chewing?”

One professor asked the protesters, “Would it be more helpful if we stayed and talked with you, or more helpful if we go over to the library?  ”The student said the latter, and everyone got up and left the room.

As the protesters demanded, college president Bridges promised to 1) institute a new student conduct code; 2) to "improve the quality of faculty evaluations," and 3) to enact an annual sensitivity training for all faculty, staff and police that emphasizes the eradication of racism.

According to protester Vincent, winning agreement to these demands was the original purpose of the protests.  As for the confrontation with professor Weinstein, Vincent said “We were trying to make an example out of him.”

"Unexpectedly," despite the spineless college prez agreeing to all the protesters' demands, Vincent said there’s no timetable for ending the demonstrations.  “In fact,” he said, “there have been and will be more walk-ins into different faculty’s classrooms.”

So what, if anything, can we learn from this?

First, we already knew that virtually all college professors and administrators are leftists/Democrats/socialists/marxists/"progressives" who are fine with destroying this nation as we've known it.  Cuz, like, y'know, America is just so totally bad--source of all evil and all.


Second:  as with all protesters, their demands will never stop.  Give 'em an inch and they'll take over the campus.  And the government.  And they have.

A clever way to have dealt with this would have been for the college pres to have smiled, said nothing, and waited for the students to get tired of occupying the library.  Oh, and stationed cops outside every door of the library and demanded ID from everyone wanting to leave.

But of course, no college prez will ever do this.  Cuz they're fine with it.


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