Sunday, May 28

USAA pulls ads from Hannity after liberal pressure; then lies that "company policy" is no ads on opinion shows; but then we discovered...

Last week insurance giant USAA--which provides all lines of insurance for members of the U.S. military--announced it was pulling from Sean Hannity's show on Fox.  Hannity had been targeted by liberal groups because of his interest in the case of murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, who was fatally shot in what DC cops called a "robbery."

Oddly, the alleged "robbers" didn't bother actually taking the victim's billfold, credit cards, watch, cell phone or a gold chain.

In any case, USAA's announcement triggered a huge backlash from the firm's customers. 

The company hastily explained that it had a policy of not advertising on "opinion-based television programs."

This excuse was quickly shown to be crap after the conservative watchdog Media Research Center noted that USAA ads had run in recent weeks on shows hosted by Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell and Chris Matthews--all leftist talkers.

Confronted with this troublesome fact, USAA spokesman Roger Wildermuth claimed the ads on those three left-wing shows were placed in error, and that this alleged "mistake" would be corrected.

Wildermuth didn't clarify how the ads could have been placed on at least four opinion-based shows in violation of the company's policy.  Significantly, he didn't immediately respond to a question about whether the company had advertised on more opinion shows.  He also said the company's decision to pull ads on Hannity "was not the result of outside pressure."

Really?  Then why did you pull the ads?  Because it certainly wasn't the company's horrified discovery that someone had been placing ads on opinion shows, since you didn't disclose the fact that you advertised on the three Left-wing talk shows and immediately pull thosse ads too. 

Here's the response one USAA member got from the company after he asked for an explanation:
Our decision to stop advertising on the Hannity TV show was not the result of outside pressure. It is our policy to not advertise on any opinion programming, whether it is associated with politics, religion, race, biases regarding gender or otherwise. There was an error which led to our ads running during Hannity, and as soon as that was discovered, the error was corrected.
--Social Media Team
So "not the result of outside pressure" but instead a claim that it was company policy.  Bullshit.  Lies, lies and more lies.  You'd think you guys were working for the DNC.
As a USAA customer for 50 years, I'm outraged at the company's blatant lies--not to mention their advertising on leftist talk shows.  This shows yet again corporate America's support for the Left.  And it's doubly infuriating when almost all of USAA's customers are either active-duty or retired military.

Some people need to be fired.  Right away.  Can't wait for the fireworks at the annual meeting!

Despite the Left's constant denigration of the military, as a group, military officers are really well informed.  And you fuck with 'em at your peril.  I suspect there'll be some really pointed questions at the company's annual meeting.


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