Sunday, May 28

A week after Manchester, UK feminist declares that the problem isn't Islam--it's *men*

A refusal to recognize reality could be a useful indicator of insanity.  It can actually be quite entertaining and charming.  I've known people who were totally divorced from reality who were indeed fascinating and fairly harmless.

Since insanity is fairly common I normally don't do posts on it, but in this case I'll make an exception--because this particular insanity, if not stopped very firmly, will get you and your family killed.

The particular moonbat I have in mind is Janey Stephenson, who bills herself as a "campaigner" and tireless slinger of feminist bullshit.  In this case, less than a week after Manchester she wrote a long article for the UK Independent titled

It's not Muslims or people with mental health problems who are most likely to kill you in a terrorist attack – it's men

Let's parse that for a bit:  A 20-something Muslim male, trained in Libya, uses a nail-bomb to kill 22 mostly female concert-goers.  Before that it was a Muslim driver on a bridge over the Thames, killing 4.  Before that, a Muslim driving a big truck in Nice who killed 70.  Before that, ten Muslims armed with AK-47s who shot 131 civilians in Paris.  Before that, Muslims killed ten cartoonists in Paris.  Before get the picture.

And yet Janey--that too, too precious feminist snowflake--can't bring herself to make the obvious connection.  Which, in her mind, is that the common thread is that the attackers are all men. 

Not "Muslim men."  Just "men."

Janey claims there is no problem whatsoever with Islam.  Rather, the problem

See, this is why we need people like Janey to guide our national policies:  They can see to the core of problems the way no one else can.  Here all you dumb deplorables were thinking that the problem was Islam.  No wonder we haven't been able to stop 'em!  We needed Janey to show us that the problem wasn't and isn't Islam!  It'!   

And here we thought western men--at least the alphas--were good guys for being willing to sacrifice their lives to save others--particularly women and children--whereas Islamic terror fighters routinely use women and children as human shields, and strap bomb vests on kids to send 'em to death.  Real stand-up guys.

Janey, you ignorant bitch, take a year off and go to an Islamic shit-hole country.  I hear Iran is nice.  Tell 'em you fully support Islam and realize they're not the problem.  Stick around for a year, then report back on your findings and conclusions.  Cuz I may be all wrong about this, but I think after a year living among the guys who you claim are NOT the problem, you'll change whatever you're using for a mind.


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