Tuesday, April 18

Notes from last Saturday's clash in Berkely between thugs demanding an end to free speech, and Americans defending it

Unless you're a real fan of the war between leftist thugs and freedom-loving Americans you probably didn't hear much about the brawl in Berkeley last Saturday:  Supporters of free speech held a rally, and predictably, hundreds of black-masked thugs amusingly calling themselves "Antifa"--supposedly "anti-fascist" but in reality exactly like Hitler's brown-shirt fascists themselves--showed up to fight.

Their goal was to break up the free-speech rally, and they were armed with six-foot poles which they used to bash heads.

The Berkeley cops had issued oooh-so-stern letters warning people that weapons--including clubs or two-by-fours--would result in the arrest of anyone carrying 'em.   But when the shit started up, the cops ran away.  Literally, they hid in their squad cars and did nothing.

The cops set up orange plastic fencing to keep the groups apart.  Antifa thugs promptly pushed the fence down and marched over it.

The cops did...nothing.  Just as they did nothing when a conservative speaker tried to give an invited speech at the university a month ago.

And of course Antifa leaders knew this.  They knew the cops wouldn't lift a finger to arrest them for bashing heads with poles, for throwing M-80's and bricks (you see that in the videos), because the university administrators and the mayor and police chief of Berkeley all support the Antifa thugs and their ability to overpower conservatives.

And sure enough, in the first hour or so, Antifa thugs were able to surround single free-speech supporters and beat them bloody.  The cops watched but didn't arrest any Antifa, of course.  So predictable.

But then...something amazing happened:  Watch the videos at the links below and see for yourself.  The free-speech folks started to form up and fight back.  Slowly, the thugs began to realize that for the first time in ANY of their attacks on conservatives, they were outnumbered.  So...after a few got caught and beaten, they ran away.

The video clips are amazing--and inspiring.

With few exceptions the Lying Mainstream Media reported the clash as a "riot by Trump supporters," totally inverting the facts.  (Antifa crashed the permit-issued free-speech rally armed with weapons.) And the Lying Media ALL ignored the stunning fact that after the thugs beat as many lone patriots as they could, the true Americans rallied and chased the leftist thugs out of the area.

As should be obvious, our nation is at a crucial crossroads:  the Left and their enablers in the universities, the media and congress want to rule everyone in this nation.  The want to ban--to literally criminalize--any speech they don't like.  They start by calling it "hate speech" but then pass laws against it--as has already happened in Europe, the UK and Canada.  This ban would also extend to printing articles the Left doesn't like, or posting such articles on the internet.

The Left wants open borders, in which anyone in the world who wanted to enter the U.S. would be free to do so.  They want amnesty and full citizenship for all illegal aliens here now.

If you oppose any of these things, the Left will try to silence you--either through having universities pass "anti-hate-speech" rules or by physically assaulting you.

And frighteningly, half the public--judging from voting results--seems to be okay with this.

The majority of Americans ignored the rapacious, rapid erosion of the Constitution under the Obama regime.  Aided by leftist judges in federal courts, and congresswhores whose main interest seems to be re-election for life, and enriching themselves, "normal" Americans haven't had much reason for optimism.

Through their organizations and their actions over the past 8 years, Obama and Soros have been signaling illegal aliens that this is really their country, and that they just need to rise up and take it.  University professors have echoed this claim, and the same goal, and have demonized anyone who opposes it--as with the professor at Fresno State who tweeted "Trump must hang--the higher and sooner the better."

The clash at Berkeley was the first sign that there may be hope that the Left might possibly be defeated in their efforts to take over.  But they won't stop trying.  Once someone has embraced the seductive ideas of socialism it's rare to change.  I suspect this fight will continue for decades.

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