Wednesday, April 12

Swedish "culture editor" claims Sweden's economy would collapse if pols halt unlimited importing of "refugees"

Sweden was once one of the most crime-free countries in the world.  But on the orders of its liberal politicians, Sweden has taken in more Muslim "refugees" per capita than any country in Europe--and the amount of crime is skyrocketing.

Last week a Muslim "refugee" hijacked a truck and drove it into a crowd of pedestrians at a shopping mall, killing 4 or 5 Swedes.  Finally Swedes started getting angry.  Would they finally change their immigration policy?

Uh...probably not.  Two days ago the "cultural editor" for a major Swedish newspaper wrote an op-ed claiming the Swedish economy would "stop working" if "undocumented immigrants" (i.e. illegals) were kicked out.

Though this "cultural editor" claimed migrants are vital to the Swedish economy, various reports have shown the opposite is true and that migrants are often the most likely to be unemployed in the country.  One report that by the end of next year six out of every 10 unemployed people in Sweden would be foreigners. 

Of the 163,000 migrants that Sweden took in during the "refugee" crisis in late 2015, fewer than 500 had found jobs as of June 2016. 
Linderborg claims Sweden is “exploiting” the migrants who do work because many of them are low skilled and are paid low wages. She then called on the prime minister to invest in migrants to improve their job prospects.

Wonder if it's significant that Linderborg was a member of the Left Party and a member of the “Communist Youth” during the 1980s? 


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