Saturday, April 15

Last Thursday the former "communications director" for both Obama and Hilliary--Jennifer Palmieri--gave a talk at Yale about the 2016 election.  Among the gems was this one:
When I started the Clinton campaign, I thought I was a great person to do the campaign. That’s why I left the Obama White House: I have a lot of crisis experience, I can manage a story well and direct a narrative a certain way.  --Palmieri
Ah, yes:  "Manage" a story.  Please elaborate.  Would that be anything like telling the papers and networks what to print or broadcast, and what not to?  As your friend Ben Rhodes--Obama's hand-picked deputy national security advisor--famously said, when they wanted something printed they'd turn to their stable of sycophant "journalists"

But Palmieri wasn't finished.  To further signal her great devotion to the Democrat party she dismissed a) the initially non-working Obamacare website; b) the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and c) "the horrible ISIS beheadings" as "manufactured press stories"!
There were the obvious crazy things happening like the website melting down, Ukraine, and the horrible ISIS beheadings; these sort of manufactured press stories that hopefully you all have forgotten about.
Ah, yes, I see:  According to Clinton's communication director the stories of ISIS beheading prisoners was "manufactured."  Yes, I see why Hilliary hired her.  Very astute.  Good at "managing a story well and directing a narrative a certain way."

Kinda like "fake news."

I suspect it's crap like this that caused so many voters to either sit home or vote for anyone but Hilliary.



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